Is Your Email Newsletter Formatted to Perfection?

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Brett Beck

Last week, I met with some newbies in the Columbus web design industry, and almost gave them a mini heart-attack. Why? I told them that Email marketing is the most solid, most effective marketing tool today.

Immediately, I was bombarded with ‘What about Snapchat?’, ‘What about Facebook Groups?’, ‘What about Instagram Stories?’, ‘What about Influencer Marketing?’

Sorry, but email marketing beats them all. Brutally.

Yes, all these social media platforms are new, innovative, fun, and to some extent, effective. But when you consider cost, effort, time, and ROI? Email marketing is the clear winner.

So now, do we have you sold on the significance of an email list? Good. Let’s show you how to tweak and format your email newsletter to perfection.

Use the right subject line: Okay, so let’s address the elephant in the room. Your email newsletter could be the most amazing and stunning in the world but it’s worth squat if it’s not being opened.

In fact, the biggest challenge businesses and online marketers face is increasing their email opening rates. But there are some cool psychological hacks you can use while writing the email subject line so that people have no choice but to click it open (Nope, not talking about click-bait)

Some key points to remember is keep your subject lines short and concise. If you manage to incorporate a sense of urgency and exclusivity too, you’ll be well on your way to the high-email-opening road. HubSpot has some exceptional tips for writing successful email subject lines.

Greet them wisely: Trust me, there are ways people can mess up the entire email due to the use of wrong personal greeting. First of all, using a greeting is very important in an email otherwise you risk being marked as spam.

Also, omitting the greeting altogether is a very bad idea. It’s like jumping into a conversation with a total stranger. Neither do you want to sound too friendly. Unless you want to leave the users uncomfortable, don’t do it.

Keep your text Black with a White Background: The secret lies in the contrast of a page and top web designers know it. You can go and observe every single one of the e-commerce giant (hello Ebay, and Amazon!), and you will find black text against white background.

If you are thinking that’s boring – we are just talking about the color of text and background. You are free to splash your brand colors in other places, of course. Just as long as you keep the text black and the background white, your newsletter is good.

Use the right format: Research shows that while reading stuff online, people tend to first scan the information from top to bottom, mostly on the left side but with a couple of glances in the right direction. Imagine the F pattern. That’s how your users process the information first.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. How? Put your strongest CTAs in this area. Use images, infographics, and other promotional elements in vibrant colors in these areas.

End it with a CTA: The best way to mark the end of your email newsletter is with an interactive CTA (that has a link). If the purpose of the newsletter is to drive the reader to take an action, then make it as easy and painless as possible.

Also, half of the emails are read on the mobile, so you must optimize your email newsletter for mobile devices.

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