Why You Must Invest in a Website Maintenance Plan

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Brett Beck

There are a lot of small and medium scale businesses that see having a website maintenance plan as a luxurious expense. Even though a lot of Columbus web design companies have stressed that a site maintenance service could increase your productivity tenfold.

It is much like buying a car. A lot of people don’t factor in the importance of regular car checkups and maintenance after buying a car. If you want that car to run smoothly for a long time, you’d need to have it regularly maintained.

If you think we are raving about the site maintenance because we are a web development company, think again. 

A website is never really complete. It a constant work-in-progress, thanks to new updates and regulations almost every month. From updating the backlinks and upgrading the browser to advanced malware program, a website needs your consistent attention.

Also, you probably spend a little fortune in developing and designing your business website that brings you customers. So, this is very much like an investment; to get more out of it, it needs to be up to date. If you have your own IT department that comes with skilled coders and webmasters, that’s great! If not, a site maintenance plan is a good bet.

Essentials of a Good Website Maintenance Plan

Every website development business offers a maintenance plan which differs from company to company. But here are some commonly offered services;

  • Website maintenance and support
  • Website and server security updates
  • Browser upgrades
  • Site coding and Proactive bug fixing
  • Creative website design
  • Marketing strategy consultation
  • Leads conversion improvement

As we said, these are the most common and basic services that every web maintenance plan offers. You can expect many more useful services that are worth every penny you spend on the plan.

Speaking of Benefits

If you are still not convinced of the benefits of having a site maintenance and checkup crew at your beck-and-call, here’s why you should invest in one;

Improved user experience – It takes a lot of hard work to generate sales leads. It also takes consistent efforts towards improving the user experience so that you get good leads.

In some cases, the initial launch is done with much fanfare and then down the road, something as trivial as installation of a plugin or updating of a browser sets you back. Or maybe there was an overlooked detail that nobody remembered to pay attention to in the planning stage, but later it becomes crucial for better performance.

This is what a website maintenance plan is for.

Improved Security – The new saying in town is “Hackers are gonna hack..” which is not funny at all. Thousands of websites are getting hacked every day just because somewhere someone has the ability to do so. Or maybe it’s less about showing the talent, and more about a personal vendetta.

Bottom line is no website is safe unless your servers are constantly updated and your security software is state-of-the-art without any loop holes in it. If you are a web whizz who can take care of this yourself, great! If not, hire someone who is experienced in closing these loopholes the moment they arise.

Improved savings – Yes, you read that right. Small issues add up over time. It is like choosing to not spend any time or money on your car maintenance for a year, and then ultimately losing access of that car plus a chunk of your savings because it’s undergoing a deep repair session in a garage.

In return of all the things a website maintenance plan does for you – browser upgrade and support, code checks, bug fixing, tags reviewing, etc. – the cost for having this done for you is not high at all. It saves you a lot of down time in addition to all that money.

So, yes, we are staunch supporters of having a website maintenance plan in background because we know it’d crucial to the efficient running of business. Time is money after all. And the benefits far outweigh the costs in this case. 

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