Why You Need to Hire a Copywriter

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Brett Beck

“A copywriter? Dude please. It’s 2017. All I need is an eye-catching and awe-inspiring website design to draw them in” Huh. As a Columbus web design company with years of experience to back us up, we disagree. With due respect.

Granted, a lot of times, the website content takes a backseat to the smooth functionality or an ‘awe-inspiring’ site design. After all, no matter how targeted the copy is, nobody likes to visit an ugly website.

But having a beautiful website doesn’t guarantee high traffic either. People are continually looking for great, valuable content. And it takes a lot more than a good knowledge of spelling and grammar to write engaging content.

A good copywriter can motivate your target audience to convert with a crisp description of your product or service. She can find out the needs, fears, and desires of your audience and write highly targeted content – content that converts and ranks well in search engines.

Still not convinced?

In general, a business spends a great deal of time and resources in examining the competition, analytics, SEO, etc. to create content strategies that are necessary to drive the customers to selected conversion points.

And even then, it’s just a strategy.  But professional copywriters have the magical (almost) capability to turn these strategies into highly targeted messages. They craft tailor-made copies by taking into consideration what will it take a target to convert. They know that their job is not to just create content – but to write a copy that converts.

Here are a few key points you can consider if you still think hiring a copywriter is not worth it;

You are not a copywriter: Just in case it needs mentioning. You might be an expert in trade analytics, hell you could be an academic writer or a PhD holder, but you still wouldn’t be a copywriter.

A copywriter has spent years and years honing her skills and she knows how to write a masterpiece that’s easily understandable and optimized for search engines. She knows the specific techniques of persuasive writing that you have never even heard of!

You are too attached: You are the business owner and hence entirely too close to your business to focus on the needs of your website traffic. You might be great at many things, but are you really an expert in how to market your brand in the best way possible?

As we have noticed in our dealings, often times when the business owners choose to create their own content it’s more often than not business-focused instead of being customer-focused. Some like to delve into telling stories about their business and how it came to be – instead of writing about something that will be useful for the customer.

You don’t have the time: No, it doesn’t take half an hour to churn out an effective copy. Writing a quality content copy takes time, time you don’t have. Because you know, you are the business owner with a million other things to do, like running your business efficiently.

A Final Word

If you have spent so much time and money to ensure that you have the most spectacular website, shouldn’t you make sure that your website content is just as polished? Misplaced commas, big blocks of text or just plain boring writing could seriously kill your brand credibility.

On the other hand, customer-focused, precise, and well-structured content attracts the visitors and creates authority. Which in turn boosts your brand reputation and improves the sales.

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