Strong Customer Retention Calls for Strong Relationships

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Brett Beck

Being one of the most established Columbus web design agencies, we have always maintained that building good relationships with your customers is what paves the way for fastest growth.

It makes sense, right? Keeping your customers happy by connecting with them.

Why, then, are so many businesses putting so much emphasis on new customer acquisition and overlooking to keep existing users happy?

Obviously, we are not asking you to take your eye off the acquisition ball. But focusing on connecting with the current customers is definitely a more affordable and scalable way to grow.

Here are some of our best tips on how to develop a solid relationship with your customers. You don’t have to use all of them right away; start testing with one or two on a small scale and measure results as you go.

Take cues from your customer service team: Your customer care representatives communicate with your audience on a daily basis. Pay attention to how well and how soon they are interacting with the customers. For example, does your support team reply back to the customer’s support ticket within 12-24 hours?

Make sure that the response time of your customer service is as quick as possible. This is even more important if the customer has reached out to you on social media. That’s where people expect human-to-human contact; don’t shy away from showing your personality in the interactions.

Over-deliver always: In the online business industry, everyone likes to talk about adding value. But how do you actually do it? If you want to develop a customer base that is loyal and highly engaged, your first and foremost step is to go beyond your product.

It could be a hand written thank-you note, if you’re into retail or e-commerce industry. If you are selling a service, it could be valuable educational content.

Pay attention to customer feedback: That ‘leave a feedback’ section on your web page is not just footer. What do your customers say about your service? What are they saying about your product?

It’s not going to be only good, or only bad. Whatever feedback comes your way, accept it, and use it to create an improved marketing strategy. You can learn what they really want, and use that to design a better product or service.

VIP treatment works wonders: Treating your customers to perks like VIP programs and loyalty programs is a great way to encourage loyalty. Delve deep into what your target customers value most about your brand and give them more of it in the form of ‘gifts’.

Father of all social proofs: You know what social proof is. In the most general sense, it comes in the form of reviews and testimonials (even embedded tweets).

What you need to do is up the ante and go one step even further. How? Give your customer such an impressive experience that she goes on a shouting-out-loud rampage for you.

These customers are so blown away with the customer experience that they share it with their friends and family across the social media. This is the ultimate way to popularize your brand and build trust with potential customers.

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