Did you Know you Can Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic?

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Kelly Kenders

Many of us fill a lot of our free time with countless hours on one of the many social media platforms. Whether you enjoying logging into your Facebook to keep up to date with what your friend’s are doing, jump on Twitter to find the latest world news, log into Instagram to see the latest photos of your friend’s dog and or Pin away on Pinterest, social media is part of the majority of people’s daily lives.

Everyone seems to have a favorite social media platform for their individual use, but what are the best ones to use for your business? Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram seem to be some of the most popular ones that businesses use to promote themselves and their products. But many companies are not taking advantage of Pinterest. The main topic today that I would like to discus is using Pinterest to create blog traffic. 

Pinterest accounts have been on the rise for businesses all over the world. Starting back in March of 2010, Pinterest now has over 150 million users and continues to grow. With that many followers, Pinterest can help you reach in-demand audiences.

Pinterest is basically a place to organize and share ideas that interest you. When these items are uploaded, they then become a pin. You then place these pins on “boards” you create for topics of interest. For example, you could create boards such as: vegetarian recipes, wedding ideas, quotes, spring outfits and so on. 

The main concept of Pinterest is to “pin” items of interest to the boards that you create. Then people can “repin” this pin on their own board. This concept is similar to a retweet on Twitter or a share on Facebook. Many people will look up an item and then stumble upon an item they have never seen before. Hence why it is important to use every social media angle possible if you are selling popular products such as clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. 

Two thirds of the content saved on Pinterest comes from businesses. Users on Pinterest want to connect with their favorite brands and many of these loyal pinners, don’t just browse and pin their products, 87% of them purchased a product because of Pinterest. Because the content you post can last for years to come, your pins have evergreen value. You can also optimize posts to correlate with your website. For example, if you want to be found for Indianapolis Web Design, etc., create posts and boards related to this topic.

Now that you have an idea of what Pinterest is and benefits of using it for your business, let’s discuss using it for blog traffic.  Here are a few tips to use to increase your traffic. 

Pin Relevant Blogs. Do not pin all of the blogs you write, be selective and creative with the blogs you write and pin. Research topics and see how many other pins on the same topic are already out there.

Write heading description that counts. This is the description that appears directly under the pin image. It will allow your readers to learn what your blog post is about. This needs to draw them in and also provide a bit of curiosity about the blog. Also, add hashtags (#) with relevant keywords. Keep this short; although you can add 500 words, people tend to read shorter descriptions.

Eye Catching Image. It is very important to pick an image that will attract your readers. Think about when you are scrolling through feeds, images are everything. Therefore, you could write the best blog of your life, but if the image does not sell, it may not ever be read. The best image will invite people to click on your pin. Make sure the image also relates to the content of the blog.

Use the Pin it Button. You want people to pin your blog to their boards, therefore make this quick and easy for them. You need to add a pin button to each blog that you post on your website. Unlike other social media channels, this needs to be added individually, but it is a quick process.

Pin Your Blog. Now that you have written your blog and added the appropriate pin it button, pin it to your own Pinterest account. Create a board of blogs or whatever board you would like, but getting it out there is the main way people will see your blog and provide more traffic to it. 

There are many ways to use Pinterest for your business. With the increase in popularity, why not take a look and give it a try. It can only benefit you in the long run. Hopefully these tips help and are a great start for your company.

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