Content is the most important part of a website.  Web Designers like Nextfly can do everything in their power when building out your website to make it SEO friendly but there is only so much they can do.  It is up to you to really make your website soar!  The better content you have and the more of it, Google will want to display it.

empty new room

Think of your website as being a home.  Nextfly can build you a 21,000 square foot mansion but  you have to take care of the furniture.  Do you want to have a mansion where when you walk through the door, all you have is a small couch and a 20inch tv or do you want it to be fully decked out with all the fixin’s?

Things that make your content priceless.

Ok, so I think I have already hammered it home on why your content needs to be important but how do you make it important?

Your content must be relevant.  No one, especially Google, will take your site seriously if you are a dog training facility and all of your content is about cats.  Stick to the subject.  Using the series of words (dog-training-facility) need to be used frequently throughout your content.  We call this ‘aggregate density”.  You also need to have ‘in-line phrase density” throughout your content.  This refers to having the key words show up together such as “We are a dog training facility here in Marion County”.  Caution – do not use these key words unnecessarily.  Google’s bots will know if you are just typing these words in without reason.

Always be adding more content.  You cannot have too much content!  The more content, the more Google, Yahoo, and Bing know you are serious about your site and they reward you for your hard work.  Add blogs every day if you can

Each page of your site needs to have a key word or phrase that pertains to that page.  If you have a page labeled “services”  focus on the services you provide with maybe a little more emphasis on the main service you want to be searched for.  Again, always make sure your content is worded correctly and in the right context.

Add social media links to your site.  There are healthy links and there are bad links you can have to your site.  Too many links to your site and Google will see this as spam and possibly penalize you.  Make sure you are only linking to places that have to do with what you are talking about.  Social media sites are good links.  Sometimes it pays to “name drop” on your website.  Big names like Facebook and Twitter are recognized as safe and legit links by Google and can help you out.  Just make sure you are updating your social media as much as you can.

Ok, now get out there and start writing some content!