Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

Written by
Kevin Wuest

Its 2018 and every time you blink an eye it seems like there is new technology that is cutting edge. The more days that go by, your website gets more and more outdated. This becomes especially important if you’re a business or sell online, because just having a domain or being online does not cut it any more. 

Having an updated modern website, that is well branded, and that has the ability of reaching your desired demographics is very important in 2018. So, what does it take to stay ahead of the curve you ask? Well, lets take a look at  10 reasons that let you know your already behind the preverbal 8 ball.

Top 10 Reasons That Its Time For Redesign

Website Loading Speeds

Your first red flag is when your website is not loading fast enough! Your sites visitors, especially the ones who visit from a mobile phone, will give you roughly 5 seconds for your site to load before they leave. Now, they might give you one more shot thinking maybe it was a glitch, but after that if your website still doesn’t load then it can leave a negative impression about your brand. It also can affect the way that Google index’s and ranks your website. This drastically effect the amount of visitors who find your website organically.

Is Your Website Mobile Optimized?

The number of people who are reaching websites from tablets or mobile phones are rising by the minute.  On average, more than 70% of all web visitors are viewing content from a phone or a tablet. Stop….. and think about that. If your website is not mobile optimized for smart phones and tablets then now is the time, or they may see a broken site!

You’re Thinking, “Where Did All My Leads Go?”

Remember that first year you had your website designed and all the leads that followed? Well over time, your website becomes dated and no longer has that modern feel to it. This can lead to less and less conversion of your visitors calling for your products or services. If you take a look at your bounce rate, and it is higher than normal then you know your site needs to get some attention.

Lacking Good Keywords for your SEO

Google is always changing the way that websites rank within their search engine. If your website has not had updated SEO procedures completed, then it can negatively effect the way your website index’s on the search engine. This directly effects the amount of potential clients who visit your site, because they can’t find your domain. 

Rebranded recently?

Successful companies understand that as the market evolves so must the company. If not, you chance being left behind or leaving money on the table. If you have rebranded, added an additional service, or new item for sale getting it onto your web presence and branding is imperative. Keeping up to date and showing that you are up with the new market changes is a very important part of your website. 

Target Demographic Change

Over time and with your marketing scheme have you found that your having a harder and harder time to reach your target demographics? Perhaps your branding needs updated to reflect who you are trying to reach! Having your branding match your demographics and target clientele can make a huge impact on your conversation rate!

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