Why Marketers should Give Generation Z a chance

Written by
Kelly Kenders

Many may think that Generation Z has grown up in a different era, which is true, but they have a lot to contribute to the marketing world as well. Being they grow up in a world with nothing but online tactis and social media platforms, they may be a great addition to your company.

Digital Natives

Generation Z is anyone who was born between 1996 and 2010. (Well everyone has a different opinion on this but, this range is what most people agree on.) These members were born into the online era. In reality, they never really lived in a world without smartphones, Wi-Fi, or Google. Gen Z’s would have a hard time living in a world without these items and especially without social media. As this one of the most popular ways they know how to connect with friends and family. 

This generation is very selective with how they share their information. The number of social media apps has increased dramatically over the past few years. This increase causes Generation Z to be pickier with their content and who they share it with. Gen Z’s are also known for their ability to multi-task and process information quickly. Since they grew up in a world with constant updates and an entire online world, they tend to process this information fast. They are able to work, use Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Google Maps and much more at ease. 

Marketing Teams Should Focus More on Generation Z

After all, their lives revolve around the internet. They spend all day checking social media and texting back and forth. This allows them to connect with more people and connect more often. They even find people across the world and find mutual interest. This makes it extremely important for marketers to take advantage of the screen time on their phones and laptops. Mobile marketing is the easiest way to reach this generation.

Gen Z also came of age during the recession. This may have been the cause for them to be more economically savvy and more entrepreneurial. In addition to the recession, they also have witnessed many firsts, such as the Affordable Care Act, growing up with the first African American President, gay marriage, life post 9/11 and much more. Although the news is not always accurate, they are in tune with it, not just locally, but globally since this has always been at their fingertips. 

They aren’t just teenagers. They are the new consumers.

There are over 22 million Generation Z’s in the United States. Over the next couple years, they will be the fastest-growing generation in the marketplace. The older Gen Z’s are getting to the age where they will be graduating and spending more money as they enter this new phase of life. According to Upfront analytics, 60% of Generation Z want to change the world. Marketers need to guide them into their brands from stage 1. Gen Z is eager to get started in the real world which equals big money for businesses. Creating brand loyalty right out of adult hood will be beneficial to each brands presence in the future.

Bottom line is that marketing companies should focus on Generation Z because they are eager to learn, extremely knowledgable on social media platforms and marketing tactics and will be consuming the service or products. They are about to enter the real world, they will be spending money and becoming loyal to certain brands. This is the perfect time for marketers to jump in!

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