Marvel vs. DC: Which is better?

Written by
Kevin Wuest

First lets take a look at the numbers behind the theory, there are many webpages you can stumble across the web that ranks the movies by all different categories. Lets zero in on the critic/audience rating and the worldwide gross sales categories. Once you really take a deeper dive into the two companies you will begin to realize that they really are two different beasts who are targeting two different audiences. With that being said, Marvel fans tend to be on the younger side of the spectrum. They look to create a universe and platform for all their superheroes to cross reference each other with cameo’s and team building movies, where the superhero’s spill into each others movies! But look behind the curtains to the DC fans you will see its a slightly different story. The fan base that has the largest following is Batman. The fans of these famous movies deeply follow the trilogy of The Dark Knight. They seem to care deeply about the directors and actors more than any other similar movies. Leaning the favor of the DC universe and fan following more towards the adult demographics, who wants to grow with the series of movies. But lets be clear about one thing both the DC and Marvel’s fan base have such a strong sense of brand loyalty, that couldn’t be stronger! 

Each universe is unique and awesome in its own way, which appeals to both the hardcore large scale fighting scenes or the in depth serious fights that make you feel like your inside the movie. Marvel and DC both have a fantastic way of grabbing your attention and keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end and I mean the very end. Because after almost every movie they have produced, after the credits they show special scenes from their new and upcoming movie, which only builds more hype and energy around the superhero market!

The Dark Knight (2008) holds the top position for Critic/Audience rating at 91.5% along with a world wide gross sales of $1.17 Billion. Following closely is the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), with a rating of 89% and a worldwide gross sales of $799 Million. However, the next four spots are all Marvel movies, meaning that collectively Marvel holds the top spot for both Critic/Audience rating and Gross capital worldwide. Marvel holds 7 out of the top 10 spots; which DC hold the 1st, 6th, & 10th ranking with only two superhero’s. Yup, you guessed it Batman & Superman; which directly points to how strong their following is to each director of the films. 

I mean after all, DC superhero movies just simply aim for the older audience with the dark and more serious type of films! While the Marvel universe makes sure to give you a quick laugh and makes the animations look overall fun to be a part in. Hulk vs Iron Man heck, these scenes look like a crazy good time. But Superman vs Batman, looks like some serious damage and pain. These type of differentiators are what appeal to the different demographics that each director is aiming towards. But based off the number mentioned, along with the combined rating and gross capitol, I feel its fair to say that Marvel is the clear but winner between the two comic worlds!

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