Mayweather vs McGregor! Marketing Lessons?

Written by
Jason Rasnake

Oh boy!! How is this guy going to take a boxing match and turn it into talking about the importance of marketing? Well. The title must have gotten your attention if you are reading this. Isn’t that a form of marketing? LOL! Stay with me.

This fight has gotten a lot of hype around it and even has the attention of people that could care less about boxing and the UFC. Wouldn’t you like people to talk about your business as much as they have been talking about this fight? I know I would!

While the marketing budget for this fight is unlikely for most of us, there are things we can take away from it and use to our benefit.

Excitement – These fight press conferences have been completely out of control and crazy. All publicity, which is marketing. You have to build excitement to get people on-board with your company or the product you are selling. There are already too many distractions in the world, you need to find a way to create a buzz around the product or company to go above normal distractions

Be Different in your Approach – This fight has been promoted by being pushed as a historical event in sports. This is the first time a UFC fighter and a Boxer of this magnitude have gotten in the ring together. The best of the best in each of their sports. They are not marketing this as a normal boxing match. Figure out what makes your company different from others in your field and market that!

Have a budget – This fight has millions of dollars put into it, I don’t expect the average person reading this to have that kind of a budget, but come up with a plan and include as big of a budget as you can to market your business. You have to get people aware!

Mayweather vs McGregor could easily have had a boxing match in a private gym and not said a word to anyone. No one would have shown up and all of the training and hard work would have brought them very little to no money. That is the same as if you work really hard to start a company and get everything going, but do not have any marketing. This great business is there but if no one knows about it, that doesn’t matter.

Talk with a professional – These two guys are the best at running their mouths and marketing themselves. But lets be real, they have teams from online marketing down to hype men walking around talking about the them non stop. To maximize your budget, you need to save time and make the right decisions on where to get the most bang for your dollar.

There are many other things we could take from how this fight is being marketed, but these are the main take-aways I got from it. I am not even a boxing fan, but with all of the hype this has brought. I will be purchasing the pricey $100 pay per view to see what will happen. I personally don’t think McGregor can compete with Mayweather, but I hope that he does. There is always a “fighters” chance!

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