How to Ace the Local SEO Game with Content Marketing?

How to Ace the Local SEO Game with Content Marketing?


A good question indeed! This is the question most mid-sized and small businesses ask themselves while aiming to capitalize on search focus which Google places on local SEO. Being the top Phoenix Web Design Company, we understand the importance of this subject, so here is our take on this topic.

If you want to fetch potential buyers to your business, you have to attract local searchers.

To make sure people can easily find your business in the local search results, you have to increase the visibility of your website.  This requires a strong local SEO strategy to get ahead of your competitors.

And that’s where your local SEO game starts!

What exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO is just like an organic SEO strategy with a focus on the local search results improvement.

However, it’s far more challenging than traditional SEO. While promoting your business to local customers, you have to be aware of some major content marketing factors along with improving your local search ranking.

Here are 4 surefire ways to ace your local SEO with content marketing.

Blogging and Guest Posts

Where blogging is the basic factor of your content marketing strategy, getting published on local websites is also a smart way to enrich your website with local traffic and redirecting the visitors.

To decide which websites cater your target audience, try multiple search terms for your location such as your nearby towns, cities, your region etc. Then make a list of potential websites of your target locality, visit them for their guest post procedures and the post categories that got most comments and likes.

Optimize your Content with Relevant local keywords

We all are well-aware of the importance of keywords in search engine optimization. Your content must be keywords enriched, whether it’s your blog, website content or guest post –the right kind of keywords usage is crucial to attract the local audience.

Adding your location to your business-relevant keywords that have high search volumes can up your local SEO game and improve your website ranking. You can also use keywords planner tools for relevant keywords suggestions.

Write Local Content

Put yourself in the shoes of your local audience; this is the most important idea when it comes to local content.

It helps you to understand better the kind of content required by the customers and to connect with them. Make the most of your keywords by writing local content in your blog.

Compilations like ‘Top 10’ and ‘5 Reasons’ that are related to your business niche can create some spark. You can also go with how-to articles and guides to redirect your targeted local audience towards your business sales.

Use Social Media Platforms for Cross-Promotion

Social media is the great resource to reach a vast audience with just a click. Your local target audience would already be using social media.

Therefore, using the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can be a great way to engage your target customers, promote your blog posts, guest posts, and test-launch your promotional activities. Drive more local traffic towards your website by using these platforms.

By following the above guidelines, you can easily outrank the big boys within local searches as local SEO provides a great opportunity for large chains and businesses.

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