About the Project:

c7 Works is a convenience store design company with offices in Mesa, AZ, and Ashland VA. These folks see a vision where others don’t, in the layouts and designs of convenience stores. You want your stores to be attractive and have an easy-to-follow layout. That’s what we were going for when it came to creating their new website. With a beautiful portfolio site to entice new customers to your services, you can gain the perfect type of business.

Site Features:

  • Template site
  • Custom forms
  • Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO

While we encourage most of our customers to keep working on their SEO, some customers just want it to start with. This is a perfect example of how good onsite SEO can help your business. By doing keyword research, we found the ideal terms to include in the text of the website. Google reads the text and is able to tell if your services are a good fit for a person searching for them.  If your site isn’t being found by the right customers, then maybe some onsite SEO is just what your website needs.