About the Project:

Nutrition ONE is a cafeteria catering program geared towards kids. The site they had before was space and bright green. We gave them a fun new site with a mature feel. They were able to keep their current branding and we were able to do a lot of cool things their old site couldn’t. The owner was concerned that schools think she is only based in Pheonix, but with interactive maps and content writing, we were able to showcase all the areas they can serve.

Site Features:

  • Template site
  • Job Application
  • Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps

Everyone uses google maps these days. They’re not just a great tool on your browser, but also on your phone. At Nextfly, we can embed your location on google maps right in your browser. Users can scroll in and out to see what things are around them. They also have the option to open to maps in google maps and then send the address to their phone so they are ready to go. Make sure your customers can find you with interactive maps on your website, ask Nextfly how.