Monthly Retainer

Free! / month

  • You save $30 per hour on our monthly retainer plans compared to our normal hourly rate.

    • 120 $


Thank you for your interest in NEXTFLY to handle all of your website needs. Our retainer packages cover all applicable monthly updates, coding fixes, troubleshooting, SEO adjustments, and anything else specified by client. You will save $30 per hour compared to our normal hourly rate.

  • If you go over your retainer time in any given month, you can go up to double your hourly rate purchased and still receive the discounted hourly rate.  Example:  If you purchase the 3 hour monthly retainer, but use 5 hours, you will be charged the additional 2 hours of overage at the discounted rate.
  • Your retainer time does not carry over to the next month if it is not used.
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