Hi! My name is Haley Cook and I’m a recent IU grad. I grew up in Jamestown Indiana but have recently relocated to Speedway. The size change is definitely a shock, but the four years I had at IU prepared me well.

In my free time you can find me shopping, watching Netflix or cooking. Before coming to Nextfly I was a reporter for three different newspapers around my hometown but am excited to transition over the the digital side. I also had two different digital media/PR internships with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the Indianapolis Zoo. I’m excited to use the skills I learned in my previous job and internships in real world situations and help grow businesses with Nextfly!

What “lesson” from your childhood do you still live by today?

My mom used to always tell me practice makes perfect! I still think of that today no matter what I’m doing even though she recently admitted she thinks she raised me to be too much of a perfectionist. I love to practice things especially when I know I can do it if I just try!

Do you have a pet? If so, tell me about it.

I have a four year old cat named Bagel. Her name comes from a streak of white on her nose that resembles cream cheese. Originally a stray cat that came up to me when I came home for Christmas break a few years ago, Bagel has become a chubby, demanding house cat. The first time she meowed at me I knew I had to keep her. Bagel is four years old and getting sassier every day!