Spotify vs Apple Music! Which one is better?

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Jason Rasnake

Music has always played an important role in my life. I remember purchasing my first tape in 1992 at the age of 12.  I was at the mall with my parents and I snuck into a record shop and purchased Ice Cube’s single, “Say it was a good day” on tape. I had to hide it from my parents because of the explicit lyrics sticker, which at the time meant that it had to be good. I remember playing that jam on repeat for weeks on a yellow sony walkman. I was hooked. From then on out, any money I had, I spent on music. Music ranging from Tupac to Led Zeppelin to Nirvana to the Beastie Boys. Anything that helped amplify my feelings that day, I played and I played it LOUD. 

Other than my music taste becoming more diversified over the years, the one thing that changed has been where I’m getting my music from.

This isn’t a lesson on music delivery history, so let’s skip past the CD craze and Napster. Although Napster did pave the way for Spotify to hit the scene in 2008. While, iTunes made it’s debut in 2015. This is where we are currently at and these two music services are the giants. Each touting 30 million songs. So which one is right for you? Let’s compare! 


  Apple MusicSpotify
Individual Membership  $9.99/mo $9.99/mo
Family Membership $14.99/mo $14.99/mo
Student Membership $4.99/mo $4.99/mo
Free OptionYes, with limited features Yes, with ads
Trial 3 months30 days
Offline listeningYes, with paid subscriptionYes, with paid subscription


As you can see, they are pretty much the same price. If there is a determining factor it would be the free option. Spotify has a much better free option than Apple Music. 

Music Catalog

Both services have 30 million + songs. So honestly it’s tie. 

Radio and Music Discovery

Spotify and Apple Music both have Radio services. However, this is really where Spotify outshines Apple Music in my mind. Spotify serves up music based off my music that’s in my library. The one thing I like about this is that I will often hear new music that fits my taste perfectly. This feature is comparable to Pandora. Between Spotify and Pandora, I can discover new music. Apple Music has tried to offer this, but it’s never worked for me. They start with these music genre bubbles that I’ve filled out a few times and still no cigar! Spotify also offers something called “Your Daily Mix” which is a compilation of what you currently listen too and music they suggest. Brilliant! Discovering new music is so rewarding and addicting. 

Hands down Spotify wins this category!

Song and Artist Search

Both sites allow you to search for a song or artist. The big difference is what appears in that search results page. In Apple Music, you get top results which are typically the artist name and two songs along with the albums. In Spotify though, you get the 5 most popular songs and how many people like that song. To me this is HUGE and is a great way for me to decide if I’m into an artist or not. If I listen to their top 5 most popular songs, I typically know if I can connect with the rest of their music. 

To wrap this up, I’d have to say that Spotify wins hands down. I’ve tried Apple Music many times and I keep coming back to Spotify. Who is going to win in the future? Only time will tell, but I will say that if either one starts steaming music videos, then they will automatically win my vote! 

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