When I think of New Year Resolutions I think of what can I do that will help me not only in quality of life but also what is obtainable. Most people fail their New Years Resolutions because the goal they set are out of reach or are too drastic of a lifestyle change and they simply just can not keep the drastic change up for a long period of time. The most common New Year Resolution goal that comes to mind is “I want to lose weight”, then boom they are off! 

But stop for a second and think more along the lines of “how can I obtain that goal?” So if the overall goal is to lose 60 pounds, then let’s say by the end of February I want to be down 15 pounds. Continue that smaller goal until you reach your overall goal of 60 pounds. I often find that breaking down larger goals into smaller sections of goals make more a more obtainable goal!

My FitnessPal

So grab your smart phone and download a few apps to help you with your weight lose goal! First app that comes to mind is My FitnessPal it comes with the ability to input your weight, height, body type and what your weight lose goal will be. Then as you scan the barcode of the food you eat and as you track what you consume, it begins to track daily habits and gives suggestions on how you can improve! It will say if you want to lose 15 pounds in two months here is the daily caloric intake you can have and maintain your weight lose goal. Every time you exercise you can input your routine, the time you spend, and it can calculate that into the calories burned and puts that into your weight lose calculations.


Next up, JeFit is a great app to download for not only new gym goers but also people who have been in the gym for years! You can input your body type and your goals and it will give you suggestions based off how many times you plan to go to the gym on a weekly basis. You can customize it based off if you have any injuries or something like a sore knee, it will provide short videos that will show you the proper technique for each set that you do. Providing you with detailed information on how to lift weights correctly is a HUGE plus for anyone who plans to hit the gym more often as part of their New Year Resolution. 

Digital Heart Rate Monitors

Some smart phone have heart rate monitors built in and most newer treadmills and ellipticals do as well. This is import to track what you can and cannot do if you have not worked out in a long time or are new to the workout. Keeping a steady heart rate and making sure your heart is healthy enough for exercise that you are now putting your body through is extremely important.

These apps and technology should be all you need to get your New Years Weight lose goal kick started and help you obtain your goals, step by step.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot turn up the music while you work out and good luck!