When is it time for a Website Redesign?

Written by
Kevin Wuest

In the technology and design industry things change and move very quickly. Which is why it is no big surprise when some companies struggle to keep up! Even though those companies are innovative and reactive the world of marketing and design are always rapidly changing and evolving daily. Most business owners have gone through several website redesign projects and understand how quickly updates and fresh content are needed. These are especially important with Google’s recent changes are almost required. Redesign and keeping up with the proverbial online “Joneses” can be time consuming and for most business owners there already is not enough time in the day. Your website needs to give the user an experience, walking them through your company’s mission and vision. Take your online visitors through all the different facets of your company, and when you sit back and think about that it usually instigates a redesign.

Is there an average shelf life of a website?

This is a question that is asked everyday, for a long time it has always been 2-5 years. Which, in my mind is a large span of time for a website. There is not a life span per say, this is were you look at online marketing trends and stay up to date with the analytic piece of your web space. Stop and look at where your clients are going and what pages they are spending most their time on. Most importantly, what is your bounce rate?

When is the best time for a website redesign?

Have you said something along the lines of I have a website but I never look at it or it has been a while since its been updated. How about the leads do not come in like they used to. Well, has your company or business strategy changed, or perhaps you have rebranded your business. Are you looking at your competitor’s website? Look closely, if they have recently done a redesign and because of that they are now out ranking you. Something to keep in on the front of your mind is that a redesign is not just simply about design. It is also about technology, messaging, engagement and most importantly conversion. Numbers do not lie. Your bounce rate will tell the story of people coming to your website and when they leave or simply put, are they finding what they are looking for. This will cause your conversion rate to fall, and a fresh optimizing of the site design might reverse that slump! When you are ready let contact us and let us know! 

How Do you Increase the longevity of your website?

Always be proactive on your website working with what you have by taking out and removing old and irrelevant pages. Can you consolidate your menu bar or items? We live in a world of resizing, reshaping, zooming and large font sizes. Make sure your website is able to be viewed on all media like your sisters iPad or your cell phone. People view websites from thousands of different screen sizes, make sure that your web space is viewable to all of them in a way that is easy to navigate and use! Try to add new content by writing or placing new images that are up to date. Video is always a nice way to spice up your website. High-resolution images and video are a solid investment to make for updating and repurposing a website, this can give you an up to date feel very rapidly. So invest some time to get good quality visuals for your website. Make sure you are really getting your companies mission statement across to your audience, setting your self apart from your competition will work wonders for your business. The vision and company objectives need to be the same with your social media feeds and they all need to push forward the same feeling and business objectives. Does it make business sense to update and refresh the wording on your website? Perhaps the pages that are getting a high bounce rate can use a little love from some new images, video or even wording to gain more customer traffic!

The Nuts & Bolts

Today’s world is all about technology and we live right in the middle of it, create a digital plan that will thrive and keep up to date with the newest trends. However so often they might be, because as a business you and your visitors change and so must the appearance you show in your digital billboard! Adapt, update, renew, and refresh to keep your customer base and keep all your forms of marketing in sync. Because once something is missing the mark, then it is time for a change! Learn more about us and how we do business. 

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