Why I joined Nextfly.

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Jon Bellotti

My name is Jon Bellotti and I am the newest addition to the team here at Nextfly. I am a native Hoosier, born and raised in Anderson, Indiana. I have been working with Nextfly for an entire two weeks now!!! While this is obviously not a long tenure for anybody, even by today’s standard, I have learned a lot in the short time. Not just the inner workings of web design and marketing, but about the company and the people that make it successful. Although we are not a large corporation, Nextfly is full of a staff that has big ideas and truly want to help a company’s business in anyway they can. Coming from a very large corporation, the crew here have helped me make the adjustment much easier than I originally thought it would be even though I felt like a complete newb starting out.

I’ve spent the majority of the last decade working with small and medium sized business owners that have aspirations of growing their business through online marketing strategies offered by my previous company. As much as I could do with the products I had, there were still situations where I could not present offerings that fell outside of our specific product line. There is nothing worse than working with a client that you know has better options somewhere else and this is what I dealt with daily. This was an internal struggle for me over the last year and a big reason I decided to join the Nextfly team.

Through my transition I met with quite a few different perspective employers to explore my options for continuing my career. There were no other companies that I met with that had the capacity to impact businesses as much as Nextfly can. Having been through the trenches in managing clients expectations against what my company could offer, my solutions were always limited. Being able to customize a plan that achieves a clients goals without selling myself and my company short gives me the freedom that I have been looking for.

While I have primarily worked with companies in the home services industry, my experience has taken me on a path that has resulted in working with various projects from a variety of different industries. For the same reason I love working with people I enjoy working with companies. Uniqueness. Just like every person is unique, as cheesy as this sounds, every business is unique. I truly believe that every business has a story to tell and if that is communicated properly and amplified through the right channels they will be able to reach their goals much faster.

This is what makes a small businesses website so important. Many have little-to-no office space, so its not common for one to have large meeting room or a heavy flow of walk-in foot traffic. In a sense your website is the online home for your business and likely the first thing people see when they actually get there. This is why your website must best represent the vision for your company and setting expectations for future customers or clients. Your messaging online sets the stage for your interactions with visitors and give them a clear picture of what to expect before they even contact you.

Through my experience I have seen hundreds of companies go from a small business with a small staff to a medium sized business with multiple crews working independently on different projects.

Being born before the digital age began I have been lucky to have grown up through the development of technology going into the digital age, but still have the love for the nostalgia of my childhood. A time when riding bikes and playing outside were much more popular. Or spending hours in the basement listening to my dad’s eight track collection. As the world has changed I have always enjoyed adapting to new things and using the newest technology.

As much as I love technology and what I do, without hesitation I consider myself a family man first. If you do not find me at work at you will most likely find me at home with my beautiful wife Trista, my two young boys Quentin and Mattix, and our two year old puppy Lucy. I have found that my professional experience has helped me in the parenting arena, using my patience and problem solving to help coach my son’s basketball, soccer, and baseball teams.

In the rare occasions that I do get free time by myself my favorite thing to do is play basketball. At my age I am not as competitive as I once was, there is nothing better than hitting a game winning shot even in a pick-up game. I also enjoy playing video games and eating some good Mexican food with friends!

While I haven’t been here long I already feel at home and with my previous experience I am confident that I can make an impact on the business.  I am eagerly looking forward to my journey with Nextfly and what we can do together!

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