Around this time of year, the Nextfly phones and emails start lighting up more so than usual. At first, I thought that with the holiday season everyone was getting busy and saving money, but then I really started thinking business minded and realized that there are many reasons people should build the strength of their online presence at this time.

Update Reminder

The holiday season is a time for many businesses to spend and make money. In this day and age, everyone is online looking at products or services.  The weather is cold and many people do not want to get out so, it is easier to look up and shop online. This means your online presence is never more important. You need to be found easily on search engines and your website needs to be in top shape. This is typically a reminder to business owners to update their own online presence.

Yearly Budgets

Many times, companies have set up yearly budgets and goals for marketing for the year. When a company is under budget and knows the importance of their website, it is easy to sink more funds into this part of the business. Especially due to my point above about this being a big shopping time of the year. It is the perfect time to advertise and get people to your website.

Tax Deduction

A good year is a good year!! Uncle Sam needs his money but it is nice to be able to get a good write-off if possible. What better way to try and keep some of your money than to sink it right back into the business. Putting funds into your website as well as marketing your site is a great way to do this.


To be honest, if you are redoing or starting up your website now, you are more than likely going to miss this year’s sales to showcase your new website. This does not make it a bad time to do or redo the site. This is the busy season so hopefully, you will get some sales out of it regardless of your site. If you can work on this throughout the busy season then it will be ready once things start to slow down and you then should hopefully be able to bring in business immediately after instead of holding off until then to get started. That only puts you back another couple of months.

Sometimes it just comes down to the fact that this is your “less busy” time of year. Many outdoor service companies will slow down when it gets cold out which gives them time to sit down and strategize their content, marketing and website needs. With many people being off for all of the holidays coming up, this is a time to reflect on the year to date and how things can be improved for the next year.

Whatever your reason for getting started on a website, a website redesign or working on marketing your site, Nextfly is here for you and happy to help! 🙂 It is always good to have a strong online presence no matter when you start it. It is fun to get started around this time of year so that it gives you time to finish any website changes and start off the new year with an entirely new and updated website or online presence.