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Have you decided to add a blog to your website, but don’t know where to start? Have a blog but think it could be better?

We Can Help!

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’re not taking full advantage of all the web has to offer. Blogs are more than just an easy and cost-effective way to share valuable information with customers; it’s a measurable marketing tool.

In a world where content is king, the perks to having a blog are undeniable. Here are just some of the numerous advantages to having a blog:

  • More Content- Blogs allow you to give your audience more information about your company and the services you provide. The more content on your site, the better. Not only does it give your visitor more to read, it presents you an opportunity to increase your position on search results. Read on:
  • Increased Search Ranking- Blog posts provide search engines with more keyword-filled content in fact, websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. These pages plus increased internal links earn you a higher ranking from search engine.
  • Sharable Content- Consistently posting blogs gives you material to share on your social media accounts to bring followers back to your website. When content is informative and well-written, people are more likely to share it with their own network. NEXTFLY specialize is creating content that is perfect for sharing.
  • Credibility- An informational and well-written blog will help potential customers feel more confident in your products or services. A blog gives you the opportunity to build customer loyalty and trust, which translates into repeat customers.
  • Web Traffic– With an increased ranking in search engines, and sharing links across social media, blogs lead to more visitors to your site. Websites with blogs see an average of 55% more visitors than sites without blogs.
  • More Leads– Increased search ranking, credibility, and more visitors means more leads for your business. These leads will have been exposed to your brand and know about your business, so you’re likely to get a higher quality lead.
  • Setting your site apart– Blogs allow a personal and more informal voice to your content, which will help differentiate your site from your competitors. Blogs are an opportunity to share why you’re different and highlight reasons you’re the best choice.
  • Brand Awareness– a blog on your sites is another opportunity for people to be exposed to your brand. NEXTFLY will work with your existing brand style and messaging to create a seamless and consistent brand experience.

NEXTFLY focuses on writing quality content that is relevant to your business and your customers. We aim to provide a resource for your customers to learn more about you and your business while positioning you for success via search engine optimization. How do we do this? We develop a strategy that works for your content needs.

Here’s How We Do This:

  • We work with you to outline topics and then develop a strategy consistent with the messaging across your entire site
  • One of our skilled writers writes the blog, keeping in mind your business goals and specific keywords to optimize your site
  • Your blog is published, with you owning the content. It’s yours to share wherever and to whomever you wish
  • Each month we build an analytics report to show how the blog is doing. We use multiple metrics to measure what’s working and can be improved.

Ready to add a blog to your site? Or have an existing blog that you want someone else to manage? NEXTFLY is ready to work with you to improve your website and online presence through blogging.


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