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Analyzing Website Traffic for Your Business

After working through the process of designing and publishing your website, it can be tempting to take a break and focus on other aspects of your business. However, you never want to just forget about your website and hope new customers find it. Consistent review of the traffic navigating your website is a must for determining whether your content is successfully attracting and engaging visitors. But with such a wide array of information and tools available for analyzing website traffic, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To help you get the ball rolling, we’ve outlined a few questions you should keep in mind.

people analyzing website trafficQuestions to Ask When Analyzing Website Traffic

How are visitors getting to your website?

You want to understand what digital channels are working well in attracting visitors. Traffic can originate from a variety of channels, including organic search, paid search, referral, and organic social media. If you see a channel with minimal traffic, consider taking steps to improve your presence in that arena. Google Analytics 4 is a free tool that can break this information down for you when you visit the Acquisition tab. To specifically dive into how visitors find you in organic search, Google Search Console can assist.

colleagues analyzing website traffic

What devices are your visitors using?

By keeping tabs on the devices your users navigate your website with, you can know how your content needs to be optimized. After all, there isn’t a lot of purpose in developing and publishing content if it doesn’t display well when your audience finally views it. Reviewing the Tech and Engagement tabs in Google Analytics 4 can provide information about your visitors’ device usage.

Which website pages are the most and least popular?

By taking note of the most (and least) trafficked pages on your website, you can identify what information your audience values. If there’s a certain topic whose pages routinely bring in an above-average level of traffic, consider emphasizing that information in additional content pieces like your blog or social media posts. Conversely, review any key product or service pages at the low-traffic end of the spectrum and consider tinkering with their information or design. Studying the Engagement tab in Google Analytics 4 can help you discover the popularity of your pages.

Are your visitors converting?

Maintaining a website and working to attract visitors won’t be worth it if you don’t successfully convince those visitors to engage with your business. Purchasing a product or service, submitting a form, and booking a demo are just a few examples of website conversions you want to monitor. To measure this, conversion tracking can be set up with Google Analytics 4 events. Also, behavior analysis tools like Hotjar can demonstrate where your visitors are clicking and scrolling on pages with conversion actions.

people studying graphs and charts for analyzing website traffic

Start Analyzing Website Traffic

For assistance with analyzing website traffic for your business, contact NEXTFLY Web Design today! We’re happy to discuss your goals and provide a digital marketing plan built to achieve them.