Using Google Apps for Your Business

When you set up your business website with places like GoDaddy, they give you the option to use them to set up an email address with your website domain. It’s all very convenient, but in the end you miss out on a lot of things by not utilizing Google Apps. What is Google Apps? Google […]

Figuring out Your WordPress Website’s Purpose

I’ve worked at Nextfly for over a year now and there’s one thing that I’ve realized. No website that we designed is the same. Every business has different needs when it comes to the functionality of their website and at Nextfly we custom design your website to fit your business’ needs. Due to this, the […]

10 Brands That Changed Julie’s World

Last week I stumbled upon an article entitled “10 Brands That Changed the World”  by Ad Week. They were the following: 1. Amazon 2. Facebook 3. Gap 4. HBO 5. McDonald’s 6. Starbucks 7.  iPhone 8.  Visa 9.  Viagra 10.  Walmart I looked at this article and wondered – what brands have personally changed MY […]

Brett’s Favorite WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce With the ease of the internet, people are shopping online more than ever. Websites are a great platform for businesses to utilize to sell their products. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows your WordPress website into a high-quality and well-driven eCommerce machine. At Nextfly we build custom-designed content management system websites that allow […]

Local SEO Strategies

You might have just launched your new website design, but what’s next? For most small businesses there are a lot of things that need to be done both on the website as well as across the internet to promote their business and get visitors to their website. Below are a few tips on things you […]

Why Website Banners Are Important

Website design changes frequently. What is popular a year ago, might not be the next. Right now, a lot of website designs come with a large rotating banner at the top of the page. Nextfly has one that you can see here: The banner image takes up about a quarter of the website design – […]

Get Familiar with Google Analytics

If you are a business and have a website, one thing I would advise you to do is install Google Analytics into your website. Why? Google Analytics will help provide you valuable data about the visitors of your website and help improve  the efficiency of your website.  What information does it provide? Website Visitors Google […]