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Content Writing: Informing or Storytelling?

Content Writing: Informing or Storytelling?

Content writing has many different uses. In the world of digital marketing, it can improve your SEO rankings. It is a great way for your customers or clients to get to know more about your company. Content pages and blogs are an excellent way to inform and communicate with your customers and build your brand. 

Most of the time, content pages or blogs inform your clients and customers about your service. Is there a specific product you want to showcase? Maybe you have a new service that you are adding to your company and want your clients and potential customers to know about it. Content pages and company blogs are great resources for marketing your business. 

Aside from providing information about your company, content pages can be used to paint a picture and tell a story. Say for example that you are a roofing company and you notice a large amount of your client base is young homeowners. The best move for any company is to appeal to those young homeowners and create a marketing strategy that appeals to this demographic. Content pages can help you appeal to them by creating a mental image of a young family that needs a roof repair to entice them to call you for their roofing services. This kind of marketing shows people that you see their problem and offer a solution to help them. Tell your clients why they need your service. Talk about what makes your service better than your competitors’ services and encourage them to buy from you. 

Lastly, brand awareness is key to any company’s marketing strategy. Your company’s brand is how you want people to see you. Everything from your company’s goals and values to the color and font on your website, tell your clients what kind of company you are. Your company’s brand tells your company’s story. People love supporting companies that are transparent and upfront with their clients. With the right branding, your customers and clients will keep coming back to you to buy your products and services. Because of this, NEXTFY Web Design takes your brand seriously and we do what we can to keep your brand consistent with every service we do. 

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