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How to Create Brand Consistency and Why it Matters

With so many channels for brand promotion, it’s easy for companies to lose sight and have inconsistent messaging and design, which makes it confusing for potential (and even current) customers. An average user will decide in the first 10 seconds of visiting a page if it’s what they’re looking for or if they’ll hit the back button. So if your website doesn’t match the design of what originally brought them to the site, they’re likely to go back and try to find something that looks familiar. The easiest way to avoid this confusion to have brand consistency

What is Brand Consistency?

EngageHatch defines brand consistency as, “an attempt to ensure that all visual, written, and spoken communications serve as organizational identifiers and link core brand propositions together.“ This means that no matter if you’re looking at a brand’s Twitter profile, website, or business card, you will know that it all belongs to the same company. You can go from one medium to the next and expect to find the same verbiage, the same graphics, and the basic overall essence of the brand.

Where to Start

But where do you start when it comes to creating a consistent feel? One of the best ways is to create a style guide, which you and everyone else in your company can reference when creating new materials and writing posts. This style guide should contain guidelines for what colors, specific phrases, tone of voice, and overall style you want to use to represent your company. Here’s an example of a branding guideline we helped create for one of our clients: ColorSnippet

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Once you’ve outlined everything, the easiest place to start implementing it in your website. Your website is what’s going to drive your audience to your call of action; whether it’s a purchase, a subscription, or even just to contact you,  your website is where they’re going to make that decision. Once you’ve created a cohesive flow throughout the site, you can take those color schemes and tone of voice and take them to your social media, your printed materials, and anything else that you have to represent your brand.

Why it Matters

Having a consistent look and feel throughout your brand’s presence helps a consumer feel confident in you as a brand because they’ve been exposed to your brand messaging on multiple channels. Creating a consistent brand is a little bit of work at the beginning, but once you determine your brand’s look and voice, it’s easy to create a cohesive and natural look that won’t confuse and turn away customers. If you are interested in designing or redesigning your company logo – get in touch with us at 317-219-3111 or visit our portfolio page.