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Essential Elements of a Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the most utilized tools in marketing and knowing the essential elements of a landing page is crucial to have a successful marketing campaign. Creating a landing page with high conversion isn’t a simple task, and there is no standard operating procedure for them. Here are some essential elements of a landing page to help you get started creating higher converting landing pages.

Essential Elements of a Landing Page

A Main and Supporting Headline

The headline is, most likely, the first thing a visitor is going to see and because of this, it holds a lot of importance. You should clearly describe what the visitor is going to get from the page. It has to be a message that holds their attention and keep them on the page. You can accomplish this with shorter and more to the point headlines of no more than fifteen to twenty words.

Since your headline can only say so much, you need a supporting headline. This headline can be an extension of the main headline or an additional supporting persuasive message. This headline has to be extremely persuasive. 

A Unique Selling Point

You need to explain what sets your service or product apart from your competition. This needs to be clear and concise. Describe what your selling, the specific benefits, and break down your offer in the most simplistic form. If done well, the customer will understand why they should care and what specific expectations they should have.


Now that you’ve described your product and/or service in the most basic form, you need to provide a more detailed description. Attempt to answer any questions the customer may have to avoid any confusion over what you are offering. Provide them with detailed benefits and features of your service or product and what you’re trying to solve.

Images or Video

You need some visual representation of what you are offering your customers. If visitors can’t see what you’re trying to sell them or how it works, they’re less inclined to convert. If you’re selling a product, it’s crucial to have a high-quality photo of the product on the page and if you’re selling a service demonstrate the practical use in an appealing way.

Reinforcing Statement

This is a headline that sits midway down the page that reinforces your headline in some way. It should be simple and concise also.

Closing Argument

This is your final chance of conversion on the page. You must reinforce the benefits of your product or service and back up your main selling point. This should close with a call to action.

Call To Action

Every landing page needs a call to action. This tells the customer what you want them to do now that they’re on the page. This could be a form or simply a button. It is one of the most essential elements of a landing page and needs to be compelling, exciting, and persuasive.

Essential Elements of a Landing PageNeed Help With Essential Elements of a Landing Page?

A landing page is where people buy, customers click, and your website brings in revenue. If you’re struggling with conversion on your landing pages contact us here at Nextfly and we’d be happy to help you.