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My Favorite iPhone Keyboards

It’s 2016 and I believe that the traditional iOS keyboard with its plain jane emojis – are already out of date. Even the new ones they haven’t developed yet are. You might think that is a bold statement, but in many cases –  it’s true.

Why’s this? iPhone Keyboard Apps! 

Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know all there is to know about keyboard apps, because I don’t. I actually think I’m pretty behind the times. For months, I’ve been receiving the most perfectly timed GIF or Bitmoji and thought to myself “oh man. They were quick with that”, but really they’ve had help easily accessible right at their fingertips.

For those who don’t know what a keyboard app is, let’s start off with a quick lesson:

For years, Android phones had the option of installing different apps that brought enhanced functionality to their keyboards. Apps such as Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy were raved about in the Droid community and envied by iPhone users for years. However, with an iOS upgrade in June 2014, iPhone users were able to start joining in on the fun of alternative keyboards.

Now, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to keyboards, but what I’ve noticed is that there are 3 that really stand out as both fun and effective.

  1. Fleksy

Fleksy is a keyboard app that has an effective autocorrect software to help when you only have one hand to type with and your words are all over the place. It also is full of themes for the most appealing visual customization.

Many keyboards come with this same functionality, but what Fleksy added extensions to set itself apart. From within the keyboard application, you can add additional functionality on the form of extensions. There are many to choose from including a GIF, Number Row, and even Invisible extension.

GIF Extension – The GIFs Extension gives you the ability to navigate through a library of GIFs just as easily as you can with your emojis.

Number Row – Toggling from letters to numbers on an iPhone can become annoying pretty quickly. With the Number Row extension, you have all the numbers you need ready for use right on top of your letter keys.

Invisible – I’m sure there have been many times that you’ve sent a text quickly and you don’t really even look at your keys. Well, with invisible Fleksy it can be turned completely transparent, letting you see your entire screen when you are typing.
2. Gboard
I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the company called “Google”, but let me help you become a bit familiar. As leader in search engines and a software rival to Apple, Google developed an iOS keyboard app. It comes with all of the things you probably love about keyboard apps including Glide Typing, GIFS, emojis AND Google Search.
If someone asks you what the weather or the score of the basketball game is, you no longer have to pull up another app, you can do a quick search within the keyboard itself and enter in your results. Handy!
3. Bitmoji
Now this app doesn’t necessarily have many “productive” attributes, it’s more for fun. Bitmoji is a keyboard app where you design your own personal avatar and use it as an emoji for all of life’s moments where saying “wow!”, “huh”, or “eww”  aren’t enough.
Take a look at Bitmoji’s core mission – “To give you an entertaining and dynamic visual identity that lets you express yourself in ways that words can’t capture.”
It does just that. Makes life just a bit more entertaining.
Now that you are caught up on a few keyboard apps that have made my life a bit more entertaining, it’s your turn to do the same! Download the apps and have some fun. Also, look into any apps that aren’t on the list and send me some more suggestions. You can reach me on twitter at my handle @julieenelson.