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My 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch

Before I start I would like to say I’m not a cryptocurrency expert and I have no clue what’s going to happen with the market at any time. I have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and how the market works and, just generally, like to dabble in things. I either hold or have held all of these coins I’m going to recommend before.

How did I get started in cryptocurrencies? One of the best ways to find a good coin starting out is to look at its max supply of coins or tokens and volume per 24 hours. If a coin has a low number supply and a large volume per 24 hours then its a pretty good bet that it will grow a couple of cents to a couple of dollars. If you want to know what the market cap has to be for a coin to hit a certain value you can divide the market cap by circulating supply.

Ethereum (ETH)
The Ethereum project is a platform built for developers to give them the ability that can create new cryptocurrencies.  Ethereum makes it so easy to create a currency with a lot of options and is stable.

Ripple (XRP)
Ripple created the XRP coin is a digital coin that works with banks and Western Union has had talks about using XRP to send money. XRP’s plan is to have a global currencies so we don’t have to exchange our money to another type.

Dragonchain (DRGN)
Dragonchain is an American company that was originally developed by team under Disney. It is used to protect data by storing it offline.

Cardano (ADA)
Cardano is another decentralized crypto platform but it is designed to run with banks, businesses, and governments applications. ADA makes the possibility for cryptos to take over even easier.  

Monero (XRM)  
Monero is the second most experienced coin on this list coming in at $311 per. Monero is an open-source currency that is the only untraceable coin on this list. If I remember right, it’s so private that the only data you get when using it is the value and when it was done. You don’t get an IP or who it’s from.

My shot in the dark coin Acute Angle Cloud (AAC) I know nothing about this coin but looking at the market cap and total supply of coins I believe this coin can get up to $5 – $10 per coin. At the time of writing this the price per is $0.165676. A tip I give to a newcomer is HODL. We are in the beginning of the year bear market and cryptos rise and fall everyday. It’s up to you to have strong hands and hold. Or you can start with a initial coin offering or ICO for short to help fund a coin / company that you believe in their product. An ICO is pretty much a fundraiser to either start the coin or the business.

If you are wondering why Bitcoin is not on the list it’s because I don’t believe it will stick around in the future and I think alt coins will take over. Bitcoin dominance has dropped the 34% and I believe it will keep slipping as alt coins gain popularity.