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Web design basics: Your best Internet customers tend to be finicky shoppers

finicky female internet shopper

Business owners frequently chit-chat socially about their websites and brag about how their sites are getting a huge amount of traffic.

Hits are great, but the real question is:  How well are those visitor numbers converting to actual sales?

Especially when it comes to Internet savvy and professional bargain-hunting website customers like “moi.”

We are fussy and picky shoppers when it comes to blessing your website with a sale.   Sorry, but that’s just the way we are.

We are a terrible, finicky bunch.

I confess, I am one of those terrible, finicky customer when it comes to shopping the Internet.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I comb the Internet regularly for a sale and I buy stuff – lots and lots of stuff – more stuff than I probably should buy online, but I can’t seem to stop doing it.

And I am terribly finicky in the sense that it doesn’t matter to me how pretty your website is, how delightful your flash presentation might be, how eloquent your website text is.  When I’m hunting for “good kill” online  in the way of a bargain, all that matters is getting what I’m hunting for and nailing it down with my bank debit card.

In my Web shopping frenzy, I definitely fall into the category of being what the experts would probably curl their lips and roll their eyes defining as one of those Burger King customer throw-backs to the days when that fast food chain’s motto (and sing-songy TV jingle) was centered on “Having it your way.”

And that’s how I want it when I’m shopping online. I want what I want…my way.

I want retail websites to be designed from the bottom on up as a shopper’s dream come true:

  • * I want free shipping – and will make it my primary quest to get it (absorb it in the price of the merchandise if you must…chances are I’ll go for it.)
  • * I want low prices and will be in relentless pursuit of those prices (even going well beyond those first three search engine result pages, if necessary).
  • * I want to search retail websites with one special item in mind and revel in how fast those pages come together on your website to help me find it.  Yes, I have the need for speed when your web pages are loading!
  • * I want your website’s design to be so sleek and uncomplicated that I don’t have to look for an order form, I don’t have to search for the “Buy” button and I don’t have to tell you my life story in order to “login” just to buy what I want from your website.

In other words, I want you to make your website REALLY easy for me to navigate and buy from.  And I want you to give me the best prices possible on what I’m trying to buy, when I’m ready to buy – or I will look to your competitors for the same merchandise.

On top of that, I want the ordering process to be so effortless that I feel like Sasha Cohen in Olympic ice skates gliding for the silver medal from your home page to the “thank you for buying from us page” without have to do a triple lutz in process.

Am I an easy customer for your business online?

Heck, no!  I’m the most fussy and finicky you are ever going to attract to your website.  I’m also going to expect you to be “front and center” when I need customer service.   If you aren’t, trust me:  You won’t get my business again.

But if your business gives me what I want as a fussy, finicky shopper online, I”m going to bookmark your website and look to you first the next time I’m in the market for a product or a service.  I’m destined to be a repeat, loyal customer because you’ve met my needs in the past.

Think of me as your “hard sell” customer because I’m so finicky.  But once you sell me, you’ve got me.

Keep customers like me in mind when you are designing your business website.

It isn’t about what’s “pretty” or “innovative” in the way of technology when you put your website out there.   It’s all about having a website that has effective navigation, swift page loading and making your business finicky-focused in terms of making it easy for customers like me to buy from you.

We’re out here and we spend a lot of money online.  It’s up to you keep us in mind as you design your websites.

After all, remember:  There are no second chances when you’re dealing with a finicky, potentially loyal future customer.

But you win big time when can sell us and keep us as customers for the long haul.

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