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What is NEXTFLY Unlimited, and Why Do We Keep Talking About It?

At the beginning of 2023, the team at NEXTFLY released a new type of hosting plan for one low monthly price! Introducing (quite a few months late), our Unlimited Hosting Plan! Prior to the release of this plan, we had limited storage space for sites. Not only that, but any additional service needed to be purchased separately. Why did we choose to offer so many services under one plan? We realized that we did not have a good option for clients to come to one place to find everything they needed! Take a look below to see how you could benefit from our new plan!

What Does NEXTFLY Unlimited Give You?

  • Unlimited Disk Space – Just like it sounds, with our new plan, you will have unlimited space for your website! Just like our devices, our previous hosting options came with limited storage options. There were options to upgrade your space, but only at limited amounts at a time. Now you do not have to worry about that! You can sign up for unlimited all at once! Not only does it give you unlimited space for your files, but it includes all of the options below!
  • Indianapolis Web Design graphicUnlimited Bandwidth – This is the amount of data being transferred from our server to your user. The more bandwidth you have the more people who can be at your site viewing your content at a time! Again, this is huge as we have never had an option for unlimited in the past!
  • SSL Certificate – Since rolled out their SSL/ Site Not Secure warning in July 2018, it has made it necessary (not required) for sites to have an SSL Certificate. Prior to the warning, only sites that took payments were required to have an SSL certificate to encrypt passwords, secure information, and payment information from one server to another. Having an SSL Certificate on your site prevents a warning that says “Your connection is not private” from appearing on your site and making it difficult for users to bypass and get to your site. Gone are the days of loosing potential customers because of this warning!
  • 1 Hour of Preferred Client Support – Preferred client support covers any software related incident, such as an SSL is showing an error, a plugin update has caused an issue, and much more! This also includes
  • 1 Hour of Minor Edits*  – Not only do you get support on any software issue that may come up, you will also get an hour of edits* to your site! Example of edits that are included (but not limited to): adding or removing team members from your site, adding a Careers Page and form, changing out text and images, and much more. There are some exceptions to these edit which include development edits or items that need to be coded in, which would be additional. If you have any questions on if your edits would be covered, do not hesitate to reach out!
  • Extended Warranty –  Another very important add on to this hosting plan is the Extended Warranty! If your website were to get hacked or have any other issues we would scrub your entire site and files looking for any software updates, plugin updates, vulnerabilities, add additional firewall rules, add reCaptchas, add brute force attack protection, hide logins forms, ban threatening IP address, and much much more!
  • Weekly Backups – Just like it sounds, our servers are backing up your site EVERY week! Why is this a benefit to you? Just like our phones/computers, websites have updates to the core, theme, and plugins that need to be done regularly. Most of the time, you will not have any issues with these updates. However, if there is a conflict with the core, plugins, or theme, it could have errors or take down your site! Worst case, if something does happen to your site after updates, we are able to bring your site back from the latest popup!

Why Choose the NEXTFLY Unlimited Plan?

If you were to choose to purchase each service individually, it would cost you more per month, and that does not even include unlimited disk space! That’s right! Here is what you would be looking at to purchase them each individually: 500 MB of disk space and SSL ($39.99 per month), Extended Warranty ($12.50 per month), 1 Hour Client Support ($150 per month with a retainer or $180 per month billed as needed), AND 1 Hour of Site Edits ( $150 per month or $180 per month billed as needed)! It’s almost a no brainer to choose our Unlimited Plan! How do we benefit from offering you such a great deal? With more clients on the Unlimited Plan,  we are able to determine how much time is dedicated to our clients each month. This allows us the option to hire on more staff to get to your issues or questions quicker!

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you still on the fence about switching to NEXTFLY’s Unlimited Plan or do you have more questions on what is covered? Reach out to one of our team members to learn more today!