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What Is Remarketing And Why Is It Important?

How often does this happen to you? You’re shopping on the internet, and you navigate to a different website or even when you go to Facebook, and suddenly you are bombarded for ads for the product you were considering. It might be an ad for the website you were just looking at, a competing website, or similar items to what you were looking for.

Why does this happen? How do they find you? It’s called Remarketing and it’s a pretty effective tool for websites to get customers to buy their products. If you’re a business that wants your products to follow your customers around then this blog will explain what remarketing ads are, and how and why you should implement them on your website.

What is Remarketing?

Shopping online might make you a victim of remarketingWhen you go to a website, you get “cookied” or “tagged”. There is a code placed on the page you visited which then triggers ads to follow you around the web. Whether it be social media, apps, or other websites. If you’re seeing banner ads for the product or the page you were just looking at, you’ve been a victim of remarketing.

Remarketing is available through Google Ads and Facebook ads. Based on how your potential customers interact with your website, they will get tagged with a code that shares their information with that website they visited and will start reminding them of the products they looked at.

Think about how many websites you’ve visited where it asks your permission to download cookies, and you reflexively agree. This is what you’re agreeing to: being hit with ads and your data of how you interact with their site is shared with companies. Cookies are designed to hold data specific to a client. Websites can access this data from the web server or the client computer.

Setting Up Remarketing Tags

Start by getting a Google Ads or Facebook Ads account, if you haven’t already. Signing up for either is free. From there, both will generate a code for you to put in the back end of your website. You can put it on just specific pages or on the whole website. From there you can target people who complete certain actions on your site. If someone put an item in their cart, but never hit “buy,” your retargeting ad can feature the items in their cart. Your ads can give them special offers to help them complete their purchases.

Remarketing can also be a great tool for targeting specific customers. You can make a customer list to target specific people based on what information you have whether they visited your store online or in-person. With customer lists, ads become more like email marketing. You can entice your customers with specific messages.

You can also set up ads for those who have visited your site or searched for a specific term. If you’re selling women’s clothing, but you want to run ads for those specific people looking for skirts, you can set up an ad for an audience that has visited pages with the keyword “skirt” in the URL. If you have an established app,  you can show your audience relevant ads in the app based on their interactions on the web.

Why should I have a Remarketing Campaign?

You can set up remarketing campaigns through google adsThink about the old way to advertise. You’d put an ad in on television in hopes that those who needed your products will find you. WithRemarketing you aren’t targeting a large area and see what sticks. You’re targeting the people who are already in the market for services you provide. Although you’re casting a smaller net than you would with traditional advertising, you’re getting higher quality leads.

People who have done Remarketing campaigns with Facebook, Google or both report higher engagement, higher conversion rates, and higher click through rates versus not running remarketing campaigns. Remarketing ads are more cost-effective than display ads alone.

Call Nextfly to Create Your Business’ Remarketing Campaign

If you’re having a hard time reaching relevant customers, then a Remarketing ad campaign could be the perfect answer for you. Contact Nextfly to learn how we can set up your Google and Facebook ad campaigns today!