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Why Images are Important to your Website

Images are important to any online marketing campaign by connecting with the visitor and establishing trust. Using high-quality, professional photography can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and contribute to the overall performance of your website. The photos and graphics we use present the personality of our company by showing who it is and what it does.

Images in your Design

Most have seen infographics that deliver an abundance of information in a simple-to-digest manner. Images help tell your content’s story. Infographics, cartoons, or GIFs can deliver a lot of information in an interesting and effective manner.

Images for SEO

High-quality imagery can improve your website’s SEO. You may find it surprising the number of people who are searching for images on search engines versus merely reading text as they browse online.

Images Sell your Product

High-quality imagery help in telling the story of your website’s service and creating a sense of trust between your business and clients. You can show how clean, secure, and well-maintained your facility is by crisp and clear images. This helps in converting a potential lead into a paying customer.

Social Media

In order to make your social media stand out from the rest, you need great visuals. By using high-quality imagery on all platforms you will attract the attention of more people.

Lead Conversion

Your website is an important tool for generating leads and potential revenue. When marketing your products or services, images can actually convert leads into potential customers.

Images are ImportantFinding Quality Images

Take some time to consider your needs and then figure out the best way to bring them together. You might decide you want to buy photos, or you might decide you need to hire a photographer. Either way, many possibilities exist, and there’s no right or wrong answer. As long as your website is getting results, that’s what counts.

Before you upload photos, think about the type of images you are using and, most importantly, make sure that all the technical aspects of these images are correct. If that’s the case and you’re not already doing this already, try running your photos through a photo editing software program to squash out any imperfections such as distortions and underexposure. While not essential, this can help increase consumer trust in your website.

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