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Wix or WordPress? The Difference Between the Two

If it’s time for you to start building a website, you may be wondering what platform to start on. There’s a variety of different platforms, or CMS tools, that sites can be built on. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on what your needs are for the site.

Here at Nextfly, we generally work with two major different CMS tools. These include WIX and WordPress. While they are both great resources, one may fit what you are looking for more based on your budget and what you are looking to do with the website.

Let’s start with Wix

Wix is probably a site builder you have heard of before. Or, you may have seen the Wix logo at the top of a screen or in a URL for a smaller site.

Wix is perfect for just that. If you have a small business you are looking to start or just want to get some information out for the world to see, Wix is going to be your go-to. Here at Nextfly, we have trained staff ready to take on your Wix site. Just because it’s smaller, doesn’t mean it can’t still have that “pop” everyone is always looking for.

Wix comes with several video effects, logo effects, motion options, and stock images ready to make your site dynamic.

By far, the best part of a Wix site is the price point. This makes it even more suitable for those with a smaller business. Here at Nextfly, a Wix site starts at $500 upfront and then is only $100 a month thereafter. This $100 monthly fee will get you edits on your site whenever you need them as well as an instant site launch and an SSL certificate. Wix sites even come already mobile optimized.

If you are interested in purchasing a Wix site through us, contact us. We are excited to get your company out there!

Moving on to WordPress…

WordPress is what I think of as the end-game website builder. WordPress is here when you are done with your Wix site. You have outgrown it and are ready to have a fully customizable site.

The neat part about a WordPress site is the amount your site is able to do. If there’s a functionality you like on another site, we can probably get something similar implemented onto your site.

While the price point on a WordPress site is higher depending on what you want it to do, it will be well worth the money in the long run. A well-done website is more marketable and will make customers more likely to use your company if they remember or enjoy your site.

The money you put into a fully customizable site will be worth it in the long run.

WordPress does have a few smaller options that fall between a customized website and a Wix site. These are called templates. This is basically a site that is already built. Then we can change out all the content and implement your branding.

Both of these are great options for small or large companies.

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