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Marketing Strategy

Have questions about our Indianapolis Digital Marketing Company? Our highly experienced team will help you identify things specific to your business to help you grow using the best strategies possible. 

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is a tool that allows businesses to target their exact customer audience. It is done with the utilization of demographics. PPC campaigns allow you to set a max budget, ensuring you won’t spend more money than your budget allows

Search Engine Optimization

Looking to show up on Google when people search specific terms related to your business? We can help!  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to improve your rankings. 

Social Media Management

Social media platforms are a great way to increase engagement and raise awareness of your brand.  By being active on social media, you have the chance to engage with current and potential customers and make them more likely to actually make a purchase.

Pixel Remarketing

Pixel Remarketing is a very effective digital marketing tool we use for many of our clients. With this option, you are sure to re-target people interested in your site with an ad. The ad re-targets those who have already visited your site, which ensures that the customer is interested. 


A cohesive brand style is an important piece of digital marketing. Our NEXTFLY Indianapolis Digital Marketing Company is ready to help you launch a new brand or help you revise your current brand to better influence your marketing strategy. 



About Our Indianapolis Digital Marketing Company

Back in 2002, Brett Beck started his own business creating websites for family members and friends. He loved learning about new solutions, technology, and seeing businesses grow. After a few years of referrals, he quickly built up his clientele. For over seventeen years, NEXTFLY has evolved from a one-man company to a staff providing full digital solutions to clients. Client success is our companies driving force and we hope to continue to be the best Indianapolis Digital Marketing Company.

Why Choose Us?

With the rise of new technology, nearly 95% of the population has regular access to the internet, that’s over 312 people in the United States alone. As a result, digital marketing has become increasingly more important for businesses within the last 10 years. While millions of people are searching social media platforms and websites at any given time, it is crucial that you have a strong method to keep those people coming to your site. It is not only important to bring users to your site but to have them engage and learn about the service or product you offer. The key is bringing potential customers back to your site over and over again. Why is this important? On average it takes a customer 7 times to see something before going forward and purchasing the product or service.

How Can We Help?

Our Nextfly, marketing team spends time getting to know your business and its goals in order to retain the success you have already started. Our team makes sure that our clients receive the best method unique for their company or business. Knowing WHY your customers are interested in your business is a crucial piece to best influence your potential clientele. Options our Marketing Strategists might offer could be; PPC ads for immediate traffic and results, or even a rebrand fresh feel. Whatever your plan may be we always monitor your campaigns to see where we need to adjust your strategy. 

Contact Us

Let us take the guess-work out of your marketing goals. If you are ready to start creating your marketing plan, reach out to us here! We cannot wait to hear from you.

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