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Marketing Strategy

Let’s take the mystery out of marketing. All too often, companies get pressured to do more than what’s actually necessary to succeed. We’ll identify the best strategies for your brand, and only focus on what’s truly effective.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is an internet advertising tool that helps capture the attention of your desired audiences using demographic targeting. With PPC, you are able to set your own monthly budgets to ensure that you are in total control.

Pixel Remarketing

Pixel Remarketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing that is available today. With this strategy, your ads are only going to potential clients that have come to your site within the last 30 days. You only get charged once they click the link, in which they may be ready to make a decision. 

Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered why your website attracting new business, look no further!  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to your website’s future success. SEO is used to improve your keyword’s rankings with Search Engines. 

Social Media Management

It is important to use Social platforms to engage viewers, gain new customers, increase conversions, raise brand awareness, and more. By engaging your clients on social media, you can prompt them to make a purchase.


Position your company as the go-to industry leader with great branding and professional sales and marketing initiatives. NEXTFLY has the contacts and experience you need to launch or fine-tune any re-branding project.



Why Choose Digital Marketing?

Within the last 10 years, digital marketing has become increasingly more important with all of the new technology that is available. As of 2016, over 312 million people in the United States have regular access to the internet. That is nearly 95% of the population.

With this large number of individuals able to access your site at any given time, it is important to have a strong method of bringing visitors to your site. Not only is it important to bring users to your site, it is important that they see your service/company more than once. The rule of thumb of advertising is that a potential customer will need to see an ad seven times or more before purchasing. 

How Can Our Indianapolis Marketing Agency Help?

At Nextfly, our marketing team spends the time getting to know you and your business to help grow the success that you have already started. We will take the steps to dig into exactly who your business is hoping to attract, while looking at what would be the best method to bring them in. Many businesses have a general idea of the clients that would be interested in their product/service, but they do not understand WHY they are interested. To best influence your potential clientele, you really need to know their motivations, behaviors, and needs. 

Our Marketing Strategists will work with you to determine what will fit the needs of your business; whether it is PPC ads to get immediate, qualified traffic to your site, or if it is just to rebrand your business to get a fresh feel. Once we have your plan in place, it is our job to dig into what is performing well, and where we need to adjust our strategy. It is our mission to keep your needs as our number one priority.

Contact Us

Let us take the guess work out of your marketing goals. If you are ready to start creating your perfect plan, reach out to a contact us! We cannot wait to hear from you.

More About Our Indianapolis Marketing Agency 

Back in 2002, Brett Beck was a young entrepreneur who loved to learn more about technology and how it can assist business growth. From there, Brett started his own business creating websites for friends, family, and business in the area.  After quite a few years of building up his clientele as a one-man operation, Brett started bringing on the best talent in Indianapolis.  Now for over seventeen years, NEXTFLY has been offering the best digital solutions to help all of our clients compete in each of their individual industries. Client success is our driving force to continue to be the best Indianapolis Marketing Agency.

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