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Need to take your product to the public? Online retail is huge in Phoenix and continues to grow nationally. Would you like to set up a quick and easy ordering process for your clients? NEXTFLY will streamline your ordering process and paint your products in a whole new light. E-Commerce in Phoenix is the way of the future. Retail sales continue to decline every quarter in America while online sales increase by 16% year after year. More and more people have grownaccustomed to an easy online ordering process. Why not do the same for your business and increase sales?

With NEXTFLY E-Commerce solutions, your clients will pick the product on display, add it to their shopping cart and proceed to a safe and secure checkout. It is just that simple. Let NEXTFLY promote your products through our SEO solutions. Want to get your products promoted to the local market in Phoenix? NEXTFLY can increase your online sales through our proven methods of promotion and easy to use tools.

The Process

We will work hand and hand with you to take your product to the online market. From planning and imagery to design and checkout. We will work closely with you to streamline the ordering process for your clients. They will experience a beautiful and easy-to-use interface that allows them to click on the product they want, submit their shipping and payment info and proceed to checkout. Your sales will increase by utilizing our easy-to-use content management system. NEXTFLY can turn your Phoenix-based business into an online juggernaut!

We can also integrate our content management system and E-Commerce platform with your existing order process. If it can be done, we can do it. From simple email order origination to complicated system integration with your back-end systems, NEXTFLY has your back!


With NEXTFLY search engine optimization we will use our proven tools to promote your products to your target audience. We will ensure that you and your products show up on all the top search engines. Our proven SEO methods will deliver your products to the masses. Over the years we have helped hundreds of clients take thousands of products to the market. Imagine a world where someone in Phoenix performs a Google search of your product and you show up on page one as the trusted source to buy from. This is what we do and what we are here for! Let NEXTFLY take your business to an entirely new level with our proven E-Commerce methods.

Give us a call today to discuss your project and how we can help 623-210-2928.

Mobile Sales

Would you like your Phoenix (and elsewhere) clients to be able to purchase your products via their mobile devices? Nearly half of all Internet searches are conducted via mobile today. Set yourself apart from your competition by allowing NEXTFLY to create a quick and easy-to-use ordering platform for mobile. Your customer will experience a simple and efficient way to place orders for your product from their phone and tablet.

Worried about updating your order system or adding a new product? Worry no more! Our easy-to-use content management system will allow you or your staff to easily log in and update a new product or price. It is simple to use and we will train you as part of our process. You or your team will easily be able to upload images, add descriptions, change pricing and perform many other tasks using our content management system.


Identity theft is a huge problem in Phoenix and the US. Many Security Picwebsites are prone to malware and viruses that can leave a customer or business vulnerable to cyber attacks. NEXTFLY will make your E-Commerce site secure by utilizing SSL, Encrypted customer passwords, and Secure Customer Data Management.

Talk to us today about a secure site for your customers at 623-210-2928.

Shopping Cart

Our advanced shopping cart allows a quick and easy ordering process for your clients. It will even clearly mark your inventory levels. If a product is not in stock, it will be clearly marked to let them know. If they wish to order multiple units, they will also see available inventory. Your customer will also receive a prompt and easy-to-understand email confirmation of the order that they have placed. They will know when to expect the delivery of their product as well.

To speak with someone about NEXTFLY E-Commerce solutions for your Phoenix-based business, give us a call at 623-210-2928 or email us at [email protected].

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