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5 Signs You Should Invest In Web Design

5 Signs You Should Invest In Web Design

A few months ago we were working with a company on a website. This company had two main business partners who just came together from two other companies, two different backgrounds. Fred, the first partner, came from a company that provided him referrals from his previous employer, however, Tina was new to the area and was just getting started.

Since it was a new company to the area, it was important for the two of them to let others know they were getting up and running in Indianapolis. They bought a domain, purchased email addresses and their next step was to get a website up and running.

They had certain services they wanted to promote and get the word out that they were covering, so they knew search engine optimization was important and an on-going search engine optimization consultive retainer with Nextfly was discussed to make sure things were full speed ahead for them to climb up the search rankings.

We started to work one-on-one to get the website going. We then made changes to the site, discussed content and imagery. There was a finish line in sight and things were approaching the end.

While approaching the end, I noticed a lack of response from Tina. I sent a few emails back and forth, but Tina did not reply.

A few weeks later I received a call from Fred about the status of things. He told me that Fred and Tina split up. They were not seeing eye to eye professionally and, due to that, Tina went on her way.

Fred decided that since he received so many referrals from his old company, there was no need for him to have a website. I did not really understand where he was coming from with everything, but he was very set in cancelling the project, so I told him we’d work with him and close out the project.

I believe that this was a big mistake and still do, but one thing you realize in business is that sometimes what the client wants, the client gets.

In my mind, however, I thought of the following reasons why a website design was still necessary:

1. Credibility – When someone goes online and looks up your business, they want to make sure you are a person that is worthy of their business. They will not go on referral alone.  Not having a website these days might make or break turning a prospective client into a lead for your business.

2. Relevance – When the majority of your competitors have a digital web presence, it’s imperative for you to have one as well. You have to keep up with the Jones to put you in line with your competition.

3. Another revenue stream – Yes, you might have one source of leads coming in that works well for you right now, but what if that source dried up? Having an optimized website design online will help you rank on search engines, pulling in a whole different pool of potential client so if that referral strategy you had in place ends up drying out, you’ll still have your website you can rely on to pull other clients in.

4. Resourceful – A website will not only help your clients understand the services or products you might offer, but it will also be resourceful for you as well. You can have a link on there to have people pay online, you can have pieces of paperwork on there for people to be able to quickly download and print out when visiting your office, you can have Frequently Asked Questions to prepare clients for what to expect with working or visiting with you and so much more! You can become a great hub of information and resources to educate your potential clients or customers and also stay well organized.

5. Gives you a personality – Like I said above, when people are referred to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to use for your product or service. With your website, you are allowing providing your clients and potential customers an opportunity to get to know you and your company. It also gives you a place where you can voice your opinion and give informative advice through blog posts without judgment, allowing people to truly understand who you are and the expertise you offer to them.

I could go on and on, but we’re reaching over 750 words and I know you have already stopped reading. If you are interested in more ways Nextfly can help you get your company online, contact us today!