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5 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

While there is no such thing as a perfect website, you want your site to be as clean and crisp as possible to keep customers coming to your site.  There are certain habits people fall into when managing and creating their sites that become a turn-off to users. If you’re falling for these bad habits, you could be driving customers away from your business.

 1. Mobile Responsiveness

Ever tried to go to a website on your mobile device and you cannot press the buttons because they are too small or the images are distorted? If your website is poor quality on mobile customers might get the impression that your company or product isn’t very professional. This will turn customers away left and right. Not to mention having a poor mobile presence affects your SEO and will not allow your site to rank very high.

2. No Content is Better than Poor Content

There’s nothing that turns a customer away more than going to your site and seeing “Published in 2007”.  When your site and content are out of date customers may think you’re out of business.  The same goes for content that is poor quality or poorly used. This is more harmful than having no content at all.

3. Navigation and  Search Function

When customers land on your site are they having to dig through tons of pages to find what they are looking for? If they can’t find what they are looking for they may leave your site and look at a competitor. It is very important that you have a search function to allow the user to find what they need. Not only is the search function important but labeling your pages and sections clearly is necessary as well. Use simple terms and easy-to-read titles.

Does your site show off what your product or service is? If users come to your site and don’t know what you’re about, they might leave and go to a competitor’s site. You always want to showcase your best products, new releases and current deals to appeal to users!

4. Colors and Style

Does your site showcase your product or service in the best way possible?  Are your images in a resolution that are appropriate for the device visiting the site? Are they crisp and clean and visually stimulating to the visitor? All of these things make a difference in how your site presents itself. If your site doesn’t look professional, customers might not want to risk investing in your product or service.

The colors of your site should align with the look and logo of your company.  Keep in mind all text colors and fonts should be easy to read.  Typically sites should be re-designed every 2-3 years depending on the industry. Your site should inspire consumer confidence!

You might even invest in hiring a professional photographer to make sure your product or service is showcased professionally! Customers want to see exactly what they will be receiving.

5. Layout

When your visitors open your site, they are there for a reason, which means they expect to be able to find and do what they are there for. If the layout of your website is too difficult to navigate or understand they may leave your site quickly because they can’t find what they need.

Your get in touch and contact us section should be visible in case a user needs to reach out. Even if you don’t get a lot of visitors reaching out through your contact forms, it is important to have and it instills a sense of professionalism on your site.

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