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Adobe Launches New Apps For Mobile

Yesterday, Adobe revealed at their CCNEXT conference the most updates for their services than they ever have. With that have come new updates for all of the creative cloud lineups, and more specifically the release of more mobile apps. To get full use of the newest apps and releases you will however need a Creative Cloud subscription.

The first question we had here at Nextfly was how is the processing power of an iPad going to run these process-heavy design flows that come from Adobe programs. Well, they’ve tackled that issue. Adobe plans on running certain functions of the programs through their Adobe servers, allowing you to use their server processors to take up a load of processing power.

These apps are available for download today and you can find them on the app store. Below we introduce each app and talk about some of their features.

Creative Cloud App:

app-icon-cc-ios.fp-88d743d27f7100a2d7737ef6d58e66feIf you already have a membership to creative cloud, you will more than likely already know what this app features, but for those who do, the creative clop app gives you access to manage your files, assets, fonts, and more now through your iPad.

Adobe Line:

app-icon-line.fp-17c0a90b0134e5cc0eefe0beb7714882Adobe created this app with precision drawing and drafting in mind. With pre-generated shapes, lines, French curves, and objects, you can create precise drafts faster than ever. Used with their new Adobe Ink and Adobe slide, we can already tell this will create an excellent framework for creatives. If you are not willing to dish out the $199.99 for the Ink and Slide set, no worries, you can still use this app without the new hardware, instead just use your finger!

The beauty of this Adobe product is in its cross-application ability. This app brings in your Kuler color themes and other assets available through the creative cloud. Not only can you bring in content your currently working on, but you will also be able to directly publish your new drafts to Behance, jumping on the social sharing trend.

Lightroom Mobile for iPhone:

icon-96.fp-e17b92c60805623b17ee7c76b1895273In April, Adobe released Lightroom Mobile on the iPad, but now it’s finally available on iPhone. This is great news for photo editors who want to edit photos across devices. The new update will allow you to manage and edit photos across desktop, iPhone, tablet, and web. Also, you can now automatically import your photos from your iPhone’s camera roll and sync them to your Lightroom catalog on your desktop. From there, you can share your images on your favorite social media sites.

Photoshop Mix:

icon-96.fp-c8efe2cdb22ce1ef9c78d829fb9b4451Photoshop mix was created to make photo editing simple to use and easy to share. It combines the technologies of Photoshop and Lightroom to create non-destructive editing capabilities for your photos. You can now combine, enhance, share and connect all of your photos using Creative Cloud.

Some of the features include advanced selection and masks, turning photos upright, content-aware fills, camera shake reduction, and exporting layers and masking comps to photoshop for finer enhancement.

Since this is being hosted on the Adobe servers, you can now edit your photos with full capabilities, not generally capable with mobile environments.

Adobe Sketch:

app-icon-sketch.fp-019a7069681ba607c6a535702fa26fb1Adobe sketch is your new sketchbook all in one place, the iPad that is. Adobe Sketch is a new kind of drawing tool that lets you get the most out of your adobe service, connecting sketch and Behance together all in one app. You can see what others are creating through Behance, draw and create your own sketches, trace and create collages, share your work and connect all of your new sketches to the creative cloud.

The app provides essential drawing tools such as a graphite pencil, ink pen, two blending markers, brush tips, chisel tips, and an eraser to help create the look for the sketches you desire. Sketch has also been optimized to work with the Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide, or, as Steve Jobs would prefer, you can also just use your finger!

Throughout the whole presentation at CCNEXT, Adobe’s features were only promoted on Apple devices, so what about android? According to Adobe, they said that their research showed its subscriber base was overwhelmingly using iOS devices. So there is no immediate need to create apps that run on Android devices. Will we see this in the future, who knows, but we do know that Adobe is working harder than ever to create new services for their subscription-based members.