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Three Of Andy’s Favorite WordPress Plugins

Working at Nextfly, I get to work on many small business websites. Each business has its different needs and I enjoy having the opportunity to help them navigate their new Custom Management System websites and show them the tools that are available for them. My favorite plugins are ones that I frequently used on the websites that I work on, not necessarily the “coolest plugins”. They are the following:

1. All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely 

Just like with Julie’s blog post, I believe that All-in-One Event Calendar is amazing. It is by far one of the best plugins out there. Many of our clients are restaurants, bars, etc., and have numerous bands and special events to promote. This calendar is the best event-focused WordPress plugin we’ve used. Uploading content to it is done with ease and it’s also very customer-focused by allowing website visitors the option to add the event to their calendar with a simple click.

2. Captcha

Spam is a huge problem with websites with open contact forms. The Captcha plugin allows website owners the ability to add a layer of security to web forms in a non-frustrating way. Using simple math, you can stop spambots from sending your contact email address numerous spam emails.

3. Cyclone Slider 2

Banners are a huge part of current website designs. Cyclone Slider 2 is one of the easiest-to-use banner (slider) plugins. It allows users the ability to upload not only images but also YouTube and Vimeo videos. When the content is uploaded up on WordPress, adding and re-arranging website banners are done really easily. All you have to do is drag and drop content to re-order slides. Want to add some extra flair to the website banner transitions? You can change the transition effects per slide and also customize them based on your website’s preference.