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Three of Julie’s Favorite WordPress Plugins

Working at a website company, I have had the opportunity to with with many Content Management System (CMS) websites. WordPress is the most common CMS website software available and, in my opinion, is the best.

With each website Nextfly develops there are different plugins that will be utilized. I have done research when it comes to finding the best ones for the job,

1. All-in-One Event Calendar

You can easily add in events into this calendar, put the Google location information in and also have the event sent directly to your calendar or Google account. The Standard Calendar is available for free and is designed for venues, teams, clubs, schools, groups, churches, and non-profits. If you are looking for a more impressive calendar, however, you can buy the Pro Calendar that is available for $75

2. Disable Comments

Nothing is more annoying to a webmaster than having your website taken advantage to by spammers. Spambots find their way around WordPress sites, leaving links to junk websites on photos and blog posts. Disable Comments allows website administrators to turn off comments throughout their entire site – eliminating website spam.

3. GC Testimonials

At Nextfly, we work with a lot of small businesses. Many of these small businesses work directly with their customers/clients and build relationships with them. Testimonials are great ways to display these relationships and highlight the customer service that your company offers. GC Testimonials is a great plugin that allows you to post quick testimonial blurbs, categorize the testimonials and assign photos to them. It’s a great plugin to have to add content to your website and also provide validity to your company.