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Best Ways To Stick To Your New Years Resolution

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016. As we enter this year, it gives us the opportunity to shut the door on 2015 and to start over with a new year and new beginnings. Have you set new goals for this year? Maybe you are looking to shed some weight, eat healthier, grow your business, spend more time with family, travel or volunteer. The new year is open to limitless opportunities for you, but will you stick with the goals you have set for yourself? According to, Statistic Brain, “using data from the University of Scranton, says while 45% of Americans regularly make New Year’s resolutions only 8% actually keep them”. Is your goal going to be a part of the 45% that make the goal or the 8% and keep your goal? Let’s take a look at the best ways to stick to your New Years resolution and be a part of the 8%!

Here Are 4 Ways To Help You Stay On Track This Year –

Make A List

Commit to your goals and write them down. Writing down your goal will help you to not only remember the goal, but it will help you to think clearer about that goal. Place the written down goal in a spot where you can see it everyday to remind yourself of what to focus on. If it’s a one time goal or a few smaller goals that you have in place to help you achieve a larger goal and you achieve it then you can mark it off your list. It’s a great feeling to mark something off of a list!

Hold Someone Accountable For Your Goal

Let someone help you get to your goal. Maybe you are looking to lose weight and recently joined a gym to help shed those pounds. Find a workout buddy. They may be looking to lose weight as well or are already in shape and can motivate you to get to the gym. Your workout buddy needs to be someone you can play against to keep you motivated in getting to the gym. Before you know it going to the gym will be a part of your everyday routine.

Have A Plan In Place

For every goal on your list, have a plan of action that makes that goal seem attainable. It will also allow that goal to have a clearer picture. It could be a strategy on the best way to reach the goal or setting up smaller goals to help you reach a bigger goal over time. Make sure this goal is also attainable with your schedule and you have the time to spend on it. Plug it in to your calendar so it becomes something to do rather than something you think about.

Believe In Yourself

You are your own worst culprit! Put some faith in yourself and reach that goal. Once it has been achieved, reward and congratulate yourself on your progress. If your goal is to go to the gym 5 times a week and you only made it 3, be proud of yourself for going the 3 times you did. Maybe set your goal for going 4 times the next week instead of 5, if going 5 times seems like too much to get done in a week. You are making strides and putting in the effort to attain the goal. Don’t beat yourself up for not achieving the goal at your first effort.

I hope this can help you with achieving your goals and to make 2016 the best year yet! Good luck!