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Clunky websites send your customers elsewhere

PizzaWe were craving pizza while having a few cocktails and watching movies last Saturday night.

Immediately we considered ordering online from our favorite national pizza chain in the neighborhood.  The ordering is easy, fast, click- ‘here’- click-’there’ –  and badda-bing! – pizza is on the way.

I happened to remember we had received a coupon for another local, popular offline place we frequented years ago, one that advertising a big discount if we used their brand-new website to order that pizza pie.

Why not?  So we gave it a try.

Some “new” website.

What this particularly popular local pizza chain was touting as “new” is actually at least ten years old in terms of website technology.

Talk about a serious throwback to those bland and clunky ‘make-yer-own’ websites from days gone by.

Still, we tried our best to wring an order out of with it.  After several tries, we were ready to say ‘heck with it’ and quit.  But the order finally seemed to go through, although we felt compelled to phone the pizza shop just to make sure.

So much for that “new” website.

Clearly it won’t keep customers like us coming back to try to effortlessly order pizza and the other offerings of this chain business in the future.

When a website is just too much work, customers don’t waste their time.  They simply take their business elsewhere.

Old-Fashioned Websites…A Big Mistake

Some business owners don’t realize when they put their businesses online (like this local pizza chain), you can’t cut corners when it comes to web design.  You can’t assume your customers will accept cheap, inefficient websites when they are buying from you just because they are familiar with your offline business.

Give them ten-year-old technology and they will swiftly go elsewhere.  And why shouldn’t they?  You’re telling them with an antiquated website design that you are:

*  Uneducated about e-commerce

*  Uneducated about the needs of your customers

*  Just plain cheap

Bottom line:  Poor web design says you really don’t care about your customers and their online experience with your business.

Spend the money to modernize that business website

These days, consumers of all goods and services are internet savvy enough to know that front-runners within a commercial niche are going to offer those who buy from them an online ordering system that’s sleek, efficient and meets the industry standard.

They won’t continue to bring their business to you if your website design is substandard.

Why should they have to work that hard when so many of your competitors offer them a better, easier ordering system online?

State-of-the-art web design.  It’s important.

It can make or break your business.  Your customers need the best from you when they are buying from you online.  What you project in terms of your business online says a lot about your business in general.

Put a cheaply designed website online and you tell your customers you are a poorly-run business that doesn’t care about customer retention.  You are telling them that you don’t care whether they remain customers or take their business elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you create a website that offers your customers nothing but the best in terms of web design, you’re telling them that their business matters.  You give them an effortless ordering process.  Offer them them the best in terms of online customer service.

That professionally-designed website reflects success and attracts more customers to buy from you.

Your own business can achieve success success just by being the website potential customers turn to when they’re motivated to buy.

Don’t let your competitors steal those profits from you simply because their own website design gives their customers a much easier to manipulate platform for transacting sales.

Talk to the experts here at Nextfly. They work with all budgets to give you the best website possible for your business.  Get a free, no hassle consultation about your e-commerce needs today.