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Internet Marketing Strategy: Eat more flies & make frogs!

frog on a lily padFrogs seem to know more than we think they do, especially when it comes to internet marketing strategy and how to make a business website successful and profitable.

They know that business owners can bounce like crazy from one lily pad to another and mingle their butts off with other ‘frogs.’  But if online business owners don’t have a strong focus on their own ability to develop that all-important profit margin in the e-marketplace, all of that mingling will basically amount to squat.

Frogs are, after all, more into leaping than they are into squatting.  They leap toward something better and only squat when they’re contemplating a more advantageous place to leap.

Business owners could learn a lot from that concept with their websites.

After all, frogs are meant to basically do two important things:  Eat a lot of flies and make more frogs.  They are, figuratively speaking, a successful business website wrapped in sweet frog skin focused on a purpose with a clear end result in sight.

They are also a sharp web designer’s dream come true.

Think about it:  What is a successful internet business from a frog’s point of view?  It’s getting out there and eating more flies than competing frogs eat.  It’s making more frogs by having more eggs laid than the other frogs lay.

The web designer who understands the “eat more flies and create more frogs” business philosophy will put your business successfully on the map with a sharply-focused online presence aimed at achieving a strong revenue stream. That web designer will be, like a frog, focused on a purpose with a clear end result in sight.

What we can learn from a frog’s life

The “fly” your business “ate” yesterday is gone.  It’s history, a fly already eaten.  The fly to focus on is the one that you’ll get today and tomorrow, the day after that.  These are the flies that need to be sought after for business livelihood.  They’re the flies that help to keep your online business alive for the short haul.

How does making more frogs relate to business websites?

Your product or service becoming what it is supposed to be – your business retention factor.  If you are busy eating flies (new customers) but not making any good eggs for the future that will become frogs (repeat customers) for the long haul, what’s going to happen?

Your business will ring up a big fat zero in terms of retention.  You won’t get repeat business. You will eventually be a frog whose DNA just dies a natural death.  And your web business will wither and die the same way.

Business websites:  the big message from a frog’s point of view

You can worry about eating flies or making new frogs.  A frog’s life is devoted to doing both.  The more energy you expend to be a frog putting out the best possible business website that not only focuses on eating more flies than your competition but also laying the best eggs for the future of your online business through repeat customers sets the stage for your continued success.

Remember, a frog is considered ‘food’ to a number of predators out there.  Birds, lizards, snakes, fish and other mammals love to eat frogs.   If business owners thought about their business websites as if they were “frogs”, they would understand the predatory nature of the internet in general.

Competing website businesses are actually predators that will eat your business right up in sales and profits if you don’t do everything you can to put your own best game out there with that website.

So don’t scrimp.  Don’t think you’re saving money with a cheaply designed website.  All you’re really doing is shouting loud and clear, “Hey, predators! Come and feast on my stupidity…my business website is a nice tasty frog just waiting to be eaten!”

Watch and see…that’s exactly what will happen.

As Jean Rostand said, “Theories pass.  The frog remains.”

I rest my case.

Be a proactive, success-forward “frog” by talking to the web design experts here at Nextfly for a free, no-obligation consultation.  You won’t be sorry if you do.

Debi Ketner is a professional internet marketer.  Read her here each week on and share your thoughts!