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Five Website Design Myths

MYTH: Once your website is launched, you can be hands-off.

This is NOT the case. Website Design is a constant work in progress. Monitoring and maintenance need to happen every week at a minimum. Launching a website is only the first step! And although a big step, there is so much more. You still need to build up the traffic to your website and maintain a consistent following. Once your website is launched it’s time to dig into how to grow. You don’t want your website to sit unattended and grow stagnant. Your website is there to generate leads and customers for your business. Your website matters!

MYTH: The more features, the better.

Sometimes less is actually more, trust us! Although it is important to keep up with new digital marketing trends, you shouldn’t find every new trend on your website. The more features you implement, the more variables you’re adding. Widgets, QR codes, overwhelming home pages, and chatbots are all good tools; however, they’re not all needed to make your website relevant. Some of these features might be perfect for you, but others might not be! If you’re struggling with knowing what design features work for you, reach out for help!

MYTH: The homepage is the most important page.Website Design

WRONG! All pages are important. Yes, the homepage is the most visited by users, no question. The homepage is a central hub, but it is not the only page your users will visit. It’s important to have consistency throughout your website. An awesome homepage followed up by a bad service or contact page will leave your users with a bad taste in their mouths. Ensure your entire site is designed, written, and built with your user’s experience at the forefront.

MYTH: I don’t need a mobile-compatible website design.

Your website has to be compatible with mobile devices in order to be effective. Again, you have to trust us. Consumers are using their mobile devices so much, Google has started using a ‘mobile-first indexing’ method. Here’s what this means for you. Google isn’t looking at the stats of your desktop-compatible website, they’re looking at the mobile version. Google is comparing your mobile traffic performance against other mobile sites, constantly. It is still important to have good traffic through a desktop, but right now, mobile traffic is more important.

MYTH: Minimalism is king.

It is true that less is more, but not enough can leave your users feeling bored. Sleek, minimal, free of distraction, and engaging are obtainable goals for your website! The “minimalism is king” mindset is a myth simply because not every brand matches this design. Your website is the visual representation of your brand and products. Take Amazon, for example – the homepage is filled with products and multiple navigations. Now, for example, compare this to Apple’s homepage. Flat design, minimalist color pallet, and minimal navigations. Not every brand fits a hyper-minimal design. Keep who your brand is at the forefront when creating your website. Remember, it is critical that your website is easy to navigate and pleasing to view

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