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Is Search Engine Optimization Right for My Business?

It is very important for companies to show up on a Google Search as close to the top of page one as possible. With so many people trying to get to the top, is it possible to compete? There are a few things that will hinder a top-of-page-one spot, such as the competitiveness of a term, the age of a domain, the size of the website, the amount of content on the site, and much more.

Can You Compete?

Can a new or small company compete? The simple answer is yes; however, it may take quite a bit more work! One of the hardest parts of Search Engine Optimization for a small business is how saturated the market is that you are trying to break into. An example of a saturated market may be Cleaning Companies, Boutiques, Painting Companies, and more.

Depending on the location you are trying to be found, you may find it a long journey to the top. Ranking in a large city such as Indianapolis is going to be more difficult than in a smaller city like Noblesville. When we work through our keyword plan, we not only take a look at your site and its ranking but also the companies we are going to be competing with. Here is what we use to determine how successful you will be in a market:

  • Age of the Domain
  • Number of Pages on the Site
  • Amount of Text on Pages
  • Relevancy of Domains that Backlink to Your Site
  • and more

Finding out this information for you and for your competitors will help us determine how aggressive you need to be. If you are in Indianapolis and you are trying to get to the top of page one for Indianapolis Cleaning Services, you will need to be VERY aggressive. Not only do you have local companies you are competing with, but you also are competing with Nationwide sites will local branches!

One of the most important things you could invest in is Backlinking / Citations! This is an important method of Off-Site Search Engine Optimization. This is the fastest way to improve your domain profile which in turn improves your domain relevancy! This is a more costly service; however, it is one you only need to do for 3 to 6 months at a time.

If you were in a competitive market, the more pages that you have written per month the faster your site will rank. This is not saying month 2 or 3 you will be on page 1, but it does mean if you add 3 pages per month by month 10 your site will have 30 additional pages instead of 10. Think of trying to fill a glass one marble at a time, compared to filling your glass with 3 marbles at a time. Which will have faster results? Remember Google likes larger sites that have a lot of useful information. It shows that you are a titan in your industry and you will be an asset to show to searchers. Another benefit of writing multiple pages per month is that you are offering more ways your prospective clients can find you!

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