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How to get out of a creative block

Do you ever get to a part of your day where you really just can not get your brain to work the way you like? You might be looking to design a logo or build out a website design, but you just can not seem to get your creative juices flowing. Well, I go through that pretty regularly here at Nextfly and I have come up with a few strategies to keep things moving along. I’ve gathered a few pointers in hopes of providing a guide of sorts to hopefully help others get through a writers and/or creative block. Now, I wouldn’t really label myself as a creative but I have some creative tendencies. So that being said I still have issues with coming up with thoughts time to time. Here are a few strategies I recommend:

Get Out Of The Cube

My favorite way to getting the creative juices flowing is to simply get out of my cube. A change of scene is always helpful so I go get a drink of water, use the restroom, help out another coworker with a problem they might be having, or talk to Devon about “cloud money” (cryptocurrencies).

Listen To Music

I listen to music everyday at the office and it helps sometimes. I normally listen to EDM (electronic dance music), but when I need to be creative I listen to more upbeat groove kind of music. For example, I listen to the french producer Breakbot. He’s new age disco which is a nice change of modern sounding music. The switch in beats sometimes helps me re-strategize.

Walk Around

If you are allowed to walk around outside the building you can clear your mind by taking in some fresh air and sunshine (I mean, If you happen to enjoy sun…I quite prefer Seattle’s rainy weather myself). Even if it’s winter, taking a walk throughout the office and striking up a few small conversations can really help.

Take An Early Lunch

Really need a break? Get out of the office and take a lunch break! I take an early lunch time to time if I’m hungry and can not think. Getting something to eat can help a lot when it comes to being mentally there on multiple levels, not just being creative.

Read a book or want TV

If you are home and having creative block grab a good book or watch something on Netflix or Hulu. I like to watch the show The Office to get my mind off of things and lets me reset my thinking. It’s a show where you don’t really need to pay attention to everything that’s going on, but can enjoy “listening” to the dialogue and get a few laughs in along the way.

I use theses tips when I have to work on a logo or website design. I also use them when I have a coding problem. It’s easy to focus on a project for too long and not be able figure it out. Leaving your computer even for just five minutes helps.