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Get Festive with your Twitter this Holiday Season

It’s okay. You can admit it: Twitter can get a little boring when it comes to your header. Or, perhaps you didn’t know that you could even switch it up.  Well never fear, festive Twitter headers are here!

Everything should be exciting at Christmas, and your Twitter profile can be as well. Our friends over at Mashable have found these 10 incredible holiday headers that are FREE. So, go ahead and get in the holiday spirit!

You can grab the above image at TwitrCovers.


For eight more snazzy ideas, check out Mashable’s blog post. And remember, it’s never too late to make your Twitter header pop with a fantastic image!


I think images are one of the most important aspects to social media. That’s probably one of the big reasons Instagram became so huge! I’ve been working with social media and blogging for years now and some of the most popular posts always have some super cool image.

If you’re not using Instagram for your business, I would suggest adding it. It can link to your Twitter page and gives your customers a visual that costs nothing to you except for the minute or two of your time as you take the photo and decide which filter you want to use. It’s a fun way for your customers to see what’s new with your business and adds an additional element to your social media. You can also use your own images to create Twitter headers.

Sure, social media can be used as a  a tool used for business, don’t forget to have fun with it. Use your imagination when thinking about what you can do with your Twitter profile to help make it pop and also to connect with your friends and customers. Almost anything is possible with the many different photo applications and many available right in the palm of your hand with your smartphone.