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Gmail New Features

A week or so ago Google rolled out new features to Gmail, it’s email service. The main new feature launched is Gmail’s new compose window. This new feature is supposed to help multitasking professionals by popping up over your Gmail inbox, allowing you to type a message while viewing information from other messages.

The new compose window view also shows up when you reply to emails. The new reply window scales down the content inside, which allows you to more of your recipients and access your controls.

Everything sounds good, right? Our “generation” is all about multitasking, so we should really be enjoying this new feature, shouldn’t we? Not so much. Here’s what Nextfly staff members have had to say about the new features.

Brett: “When you drag a photo into the new compose window, it embeds in the email itself, it doesn’t attach. There should be an option between the two.”

Andy: “Google has always had amazing features. I love the labs that you can download to get more functionality out of the service itself, but I’m not a big fan of the new features. Things that were easy, such as aligning the text, have become difficult with the new compose window.”

Julie: “It’s annoying replying to an email and the context box being so small. I know what I’m going to say, I don’t need to see anything else other than the email itself. It’s annoying having to resize the window every time I write an email.”

Google says it is listening and wants our feedback so maybe these features will be changed in the future, but who knows. The advantages of using Gmail far outweigh the negatives so we’re sucking it up.

Do you like Gmails new features? What email service do you prefer? Hit us up in the comments!