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How to Run Social Media B2B While Still Being Cool

B2B, or business to business, social media is really a whole different world. It’s a whole new audience, a whole new set of eyes, and people with all new goals. It can be easy to reach a consumer who is simply on social media for the memes. Reaching another business is a whole different ball game. However, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean your social feed has to be boring. It turns out, other business owners have personalities too. Well…most of them.

Running your B2B social media

Be Engaging

This seems to go without saying, but can be hard in the B2B world. According to Sprout Social, the key to any B2B social media page is to create content your client would like, not something that’s self-serving. When you think about it, that’s actually pretty similar to normal social media. No one wants to read blog post after blog post on insurance news with the occasional ad for yourself thrown in. I don’t know about you, but being part of the B2B community doesn’t mean I suddenly only like to read dry materials. Engaging social media can be even more important for B2Bers because that’s what’s going to make your company stand out amongst the boring reports on statistics. Business owners probably spend all day reading reports and analytics. If your social media is fresh, 

Schedule those posts

Just like any social media, it’s important to post when people are actually online. Otherwise, you will be posting for no reason at all. There are all sorts of graphics and charts as to when the best time to post is, however, I find that every client is a little different. I think the best practice is through trial and error. One week, post at all different times. At week end, notice what days and time traffic spikes by looking at analytics. Then make a note and try to post at those times again next week. See if you continue to gain engagements and go by that. 

It can certainly be hard, if not impossible, to post at the correct time every day. When you ave 1,247 unread emails, social media posting probably isn’t in the front of your brain. However, that’s where services like Buffer or Hootsuite come in. They are both scheduling site so you can schedule out a week, month or even a year of pots. It will do all the hard work for you!

Be Responsive

Nothing is worse than when you ask a question on social media and no one is there to answer it. If you’re going to have a social media, have someone to monitor it every single day. That could be the difference between gaining and losing a client. If someone is checking you out on social media they literally have to be impressed. If not, they are going to go to someone else. A huge part of this is responding when people ask questions. It seems small, but is actually huge.

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